Saturday, December 05, 2009

Surprise! Surprise! My sick rose suddenly revives again!

A lot of people are going to winter countries for holiday this month. I've interviewed western and TCM docs for remedies which are useful to us. Hope it helps you!


1)皮肤太干,很痒。Physiogel Cream (Avail in guardian, unity)
2) Charcoal tablets for 肚泻

中医 (这些中药可在一些中药行,莱佛士中医或裕华国货买到)

1)高山症:去之前的一个星期每隔一天吃红景天/西洋参。 但是血压低的朋友可能无法吃,因为它会降血压。

a)金银花,银翘,菊花30克,,桑叶15克, 黄芩9克,大青叶15 克,蒲公英 15

3)胃口不好或改善水土不服-吃当地的豆腐, 买保和丸。




希望大家旅途平安快乐! 服用任何以上医生推荐的保健品或药物前记得询问医生你适不适合。


Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,
Sometime last week, I heard you recommending a skincare product for sensitive skin that starts with "phy..."....not fast enough to take down the name. Can provide again?
Thx in advance!

Anonymous said...

Yong Mei

What plant is this ?

Gk said...

Wow long time no updates. How is yr exam?

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei

Just heard you on the radio. Happy travelling, enjoy your trip :). You going for free and easy and travel alone? London is a nice place. You should go to thier countryside. It's really interesting. You can take the eruo star from London and go to Paris.

Take care!

Kind regards

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L-5 said...

Yong Mei

Wishing you and ur family:

Merry Christmas!!!

and a Happy 2010 New Year!!! :D

Cheers to 2010!!!

Henry Leong said...

This is awesome my friend!