Sunday, December 27, 2009


Celebrated buns in Sally Lunn’s House.

Remy finally got to taste RATATOUILLE! (mixed vegetables, sweet and sour taste)

Jane Austen Centre

They celebrate Jane Austen Festival every Sept i think and all the fans will dress up like Jane Austen. How fun!

Roman Baths since 18th century

Bath Abbey Church begun by Bishop Oliver King in 1499.
(Looked at the marvellous stained class and when i was there, the choir was rehearsing christmas carols. Even better than Vienna Boy's choir. I regretted not spending christmas in Bath. )

Church bells will ring with 5 to 6 people to pull these strings, however, nowadays, everything is computerised!

Old record shop

Xmas in Bath

Above: Misletoes! (fresh ones)
Below: Christmas wreaths (fresh ones too, so beautifully done)

Cabbage Flower for Sale!!

Street christmas carols

Fashion History Centre

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Anonymous said...

hey,such a nice snow!Y all the photos,U were nt dar????U travelled alone???where were ur 'partner'???so lonely yah!luckily,U hv got ur 'little pet' along!