Sunday, December 02, 2007

有你的感觉真好! 972电台已经成为No. 2 station!

在最新一季的收听率调查中, 972电台收听率从第三提升到第二! 收听率增加1.3%. 所以我们要打从心里感谢你! 没有你的支持,我们无法办到!

We LOVE you!


Anonymous said...

Dear Yongmei,

You look very pretty. Very unique and nice hair style... everyone look so cool !!

by the way, why Lee Lian not around in the pix?


Helen said...

Hi Yongmei,

I like your dress very much. If I have your figure, I sure will wear like that too.
But how come BiYu is not dress up. She is not as fat as she said. If she dress up, she will be very pretty too.

Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

Dear Yong mei

i need your help.. i heard last time in your program long time ago about the guy who buy second hand goods... sorry cannot remember the name.. anyway.. can u please help me.. give me his contact number so i can call him..


Thanks for your help