Sunday, December 02, 2007


Keith, 化妆师是我的好友。 因为是好友,所以总是不好意思麻烦他。 但是每年的金麦奖还是得麻烦他。今年他负责为我化妆及做头发! 因为是好友,虽然有一阵子没见面,默契一直都在。 他看了我的服装就为我做了“玫瑰玫瑰我爱你”发型!


因为我有张“复古“ 脸,所以这样的发型最适合我。


感谢BRYAN老师百忙当中还买花到场支持! 很感动!现在百合花的香味萦绕整个客厅!还要感谢Kevin, Angeline, Janet及Deon还陪我吃夜宵! That's what friends are for!


Anonymous said...


当晚, 你是最美丽又高贵的DJ. I like your style.

小叮当 said...

东方式的发型,西方式的连身吊带长裙,如果你选穿旗袍 + 复古脸,就更加“玫瑰玫瑰我爱你”,当MV女主角也行!

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Anonymous said...

Oh this i bryan lao shi, both of u look cool together hmmm why not start some beauty show .....

I like ur rose hair, very very unique.


Anonymous said...

Dear YongMei,

I think I am reading your blog pretty late. But it's better than never right? hehe...

Hey, I agree that Keith's done a good job again. I also highly recommend him leh haha because he "bao ka liao" my makeup/hairdo during my wedding last Sep lor. If he still remembers me, I'm that bride whom he had to remove all the hairpins from my hair for next hairdo/makeup b4 my evening banquet start loh ^(^,^)^ hehe...paiseh..because Keith said it was the 1st time he had to undo the hairdo by himself haa...I guess that's my honour kekeke..

Here's for Keith if he's reading this : Keith shows marked enthusiasm for his work. I appreciate your beautiful makeup skills that you handled throughout my wedding. You make me stunning, drop dead beautiful!! Heee!!! Jia You wor! And don't change your HP no hor, in case I need your help again (^.~)y

This is for YongMei : Love your evening gown esp the skirting, so girlish..looks very English during the 1940s wor...and of cos if without the marvellous hairdo, to bring out the gown :)

Have a good evening folks!
Mrs Wong :>