Tuesday, December 04, 2007


LILY知道很多人在问收集二手家具,钞票,陈年老酒等服务的电话,她比我细心,把他们抄下来了. Thanx Lily!

1) 二手名表商passions - 6533 0030

2) 邮票+旧钞银币收购 - 6337 1859

3) 陈年老酒 -9487 3994

4) 钻石宝石白金金饰收购
6225 8225 (UPDATED on 4/7)

5) 二手名牌包包 -madam milan - 6438 9766

6) 二手家具电器店 ZEAL FURNITURE - 6298 8840

7) 二手钢琴 Music Lodge - 6762 6378


Anonymous said...

Hi yong mei,

I hv a BWL Negative Ionizer to sell, i hv been with me for abt a yr but i used it only as n when..
I bought it at ard $800 and i wish to sell it for $350.
I wanted to sell it away cos we are going oversea for 2 yrs and not bringing along with us cos it's rather big..

Thks! I can be contacted at 9657 1877 or email: floristeo@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Hi,i have tried the milk method for sensitive skin, is very effective, thanks for the tips. And hope to hear more from Bryan laoshi.

You have very nice hairdo. Wonder how many hours can it stay this way.

To me you are the most friendly lifely DJ.

Li li

Mi lor said...

hey erm about the second hand piano,care to add the range of cost?like frm wat price like tt.

btw u can oso get second hand bags @ prestaige collector in united square,hehe.

Anonymous said...

i have taken the pear and guava juice bryan lao shi mentioned. Is extremely tasty. I think all should try. The mixture let me feel is the best juice i ever tasted.


Sadsad said...

Hi Yong Mei

Wanna ask Meimei (Xiu Zhen) advise. After giving bith, my hip expanded, my tummy grow (dun know it's because I'm so stressed that I keep on eating), my arm becomes mother arm due to carrying my boy
:(( I used to be very skinny but now, but now friends that didn't see me for long said "I putted on weight"!!! How, any help from Meimei???

Sad Sad

jenny said...

hi Yong Mei

Just tune in to yr programme w Cheng Siew Chen...ok..look fwd to yr bread slimming talk..BTW, i wld like to sell m Nturilite Bio C Plus at $15/- It is selling at $22/- or more...my contact no is 6 8428932...no bargain..need monies for my hubby's chemo treatment..kamsiah.

candice said...

can you post the link to fann wong's blog?? i do not heard clearly what is the blog address.
is it www.blog.sina.cn/fannwong or is it something else?? i tried the address[www.blog.sina.cn/fannwong] but cannot.

Anonymous said...

HI i am new to the wswx. I heard bryan's lao shi section. Is really amazing interesting and fun information. I hope to hear more of this information. I tune in on thursday but cannot hear bryan lao shi.?? is there a time schedule.

I tried the sore throat tea. Is really effective.


david said...

Hi Yong mei,

I have a Ariston built-in hob model PH930MST, stainless steel with full safety features [electronic] for LPG use only. 3 burner. Bought it for $489.00 and wish to sell for $200. Brand new condition.

Thanks! contact no 62567896 or davidyong@singnet.com
PS:do we have to pay any commission for this sale.

awayfarfar said...

hi, due to move house..i have alot of old CDs and bags.. also some furniture.. anyone can help.. i need to sell it or any recomendation??