Monday, May 14, 2007

最爱blog 一blog last week.


1) 杨丞琳

2) 蔡少芬

3) 郑伊健

4) 国贤

5) Bryan 老师


Anonymous said...


thanks 4 the blog entry.


Angela said...

Can we hv more artist/star blogs

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,

U should visit Guo Xian's blog if u have not done so. A lot of listeners 'ting' (support) u leh. Sure u will 'piao piao ran'.
Good job, keep it up.

Regards, Margaret

GaRFieLD said...

Aiyo YongMei...
I love to wear pink too leh...
Am also 30plus... :(


Anonymous said...


Sori can u spell out MC blog, veri lousy loh cannot hear u n MC clearly.
Looking forward


Kenneth said...

YongMei, appreciate your hard work for tht 'star' blog.

Anonymous said...

yong mei,

can i have the contact number of the hennesy xo collector.


Anonymous said...

Hi Yongmei,MC

Very funny u know, until now still got people asking 4 yr blog,MC.Could u believe it?

MC said...

hahah, is ok .. ONCE again ... my blog is


Anonymous said...

MC king's blog is this:

Think it's mention alot of times over Yong Mei's blog and today's program as well. =P

Anonymous said...

Hi MC,

Go to yr blog just now and u mentioned that u are really angry.My suggestion is dunt let this people spolit yr mood n appetile, agree?

Anonymous said...


Visited yr blog & read yr latest frustration. Ate the fish soup long time ago, admittedly it was gd,always hv to wait v long. Thought of bringing my sis to eat there, but after hearing u, must consider again. I only interested in other fishsoup & cuttlefish kangkong. I remembered the ladyboss v busy until don't know how to smile. She jot down yr order w/o looking at u, if u repeat yr order, she became impatient & ask u to sit down (quite fiece :P)

(PS. sori got to post comment here as hv difficulty posting in yr blog leh)

Anonymous said...

Dear Xian Chen You Xiang Li

Yes He deserve a better girl. I think XL is no longer interested in this programme already. From her "yu qi", she showed uninterested. On the other hand, it is Louis who seemed keen so help Louis better.

From You Know Who

Anonymous said...

XL could be busy attending customers and your will want the people to attend to your quickly when you are in the shop.

XL is just doing her part in her aunts' shop, serving the customers to earn money for the shop and herself too.

Your may think she is impolite to hung up halfway, but when your working, will you be able to talk on the phone when you are suppose to be working?

You will also hung up halfway of the conversation too.

If not your boss saw that you are talking on the phone instead of working, you could be reprimemded or fired.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,

Can I have Andy Lau's blog? I have asked from Bi Yu but no reply. Please get her to update her blog more frequently. Thanks

Karen said...

Please send me the remedy for eye bag and dark eye circle to my e-mail address at as i cannot access to your blog using my computer in the company. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, YM has many email to attend to, so if u cannot access the blog, how u write comments here, u can visit bryan lao shi blog also.


Anonymous said...

Hi Yongmei, can l have tawiwan singers twins n sweety blogs please. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


Henry Oh said...

Hi Yong Mei & MC

Really enjoy my time every morning when both of you on air. 加油!

Anonymous said...

HI Yong Mei

Sorry I missed Mr Bryan Lao Shi Tips on lightening the pigmentation today, as my boss come to my room have to off the radio for a while. Do you mind update today's tops in you BLOG.

Thanks & regards

Brenda said...

Hello Yong Mei,
Earlier today, I did heard you chat with MC on air about having a chat room in your blog...
you may consider to use this:

This is very useful. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Yongmei

立威廉 Leon Jay Williams

Anonymous said...

hi yong mei
why i can't c the GIGI blog?

Anonymous said...

hi yong mei

How to use the rosemary Leaf ??



Anonymous said...

Where is Hong You? You didnt say why he is not coming to your program any more? We are your loyal listener and enjoy your program with Hong You very much...Jia You!!!

叶咏梅 said...

Andy Lau have website but no blog.

Gigi's blog i haven't uploaded. Hongyou i've mentioned several times he won't be coming back becos of personal commitments.

The chat room thing, thank you! will take a look after my exams.

Anonymous said...

Yong Mei,

Can you tell me last friday the blog that violet gave.


Anonymous said...

Hi Yongmei,

Whose blog did Violet introduced when she took over yr programme last Friday?


Anonymous said...

emm... bookmarked style :))

Hamiltongpmu said...

hi yong mei How to use the rosemary Leaf ?? thanks qiuyan