Monday, May 14, 2007

Week beginning 14/5 早知道,早健康!美容DIY

1) Bryan蒸脸法
把一滴Lavendula Vera+一滴Grapefruit 香精油放入装着热水的碗内,隔着20cm 的距离,在头上盖上
毛巾,蒸2 到3 分钟. 之后,把双手放在水中浸泡10分钟,边泡边按和谷穴,按6秒停6秒.


Anonymous said...


do u know,"steam face" on the rice pot can help face whitening also.


叶咏梅 said...

i can't steam too much. cos my face sensitive. even when doing facial , i can only steam for less than 2 mins.

Anonymous said...

Hi yong mei,

can u tell me where can buy e cheaper photo album?

Anonymous said...

Hi yong mei,

when can teach how to bao yang hair?my hair very oily n itch,may i know which shampoo suitable for my hair?wher can buy tis type of shampoo?

Anonymous said...


Can u please update yr last wk zui ai blog-blog entry. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Hi Yongmei, can give me the blog address of Guoxian please. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Steaming face is good for me, when i have headache or fatigue. Now i can add some oil to enhance, thanks for information.

from: Cindy

Anonymous said...

hi yong mei,

can you post the remedy in english as i want to try out to make my face look more supple


Anonymous said...

hi yongmei,those essential oils that bryan mentioned to reliever aches...can i know is it those noraml essential oils that we can buy from those scent shop.

Anonymous said...


do u know that the recipe from bryan blog which we mix red ,and green bean with barley and white fungus is realli good for dark eyes .so far i have eaten thrice and i can see improvement in my dark eyes ring.

Bryan said...

Hi let me help yong mei to answer... She very very busy ah.

A> Cindy remember facial steaming perform once a week, but hand bath can do more often ok.

B> Facial steaminh in english can be found in my blog.

C> The oil not from scent shop, can email me i can direct you where to get

D> Wow cool u tried my beauty soup , is amazing right. thats what princess from Qing dynasty drink .

thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi YM, i attended Bryan's workshop before in our company MCYS, it was very fun and informative. My backache recover because of him thank you. Also YM, U look like Model , were you once?

Henry Leong said...

Hi yong mei,
Do you know the chay kwey teow man of Circuit Rd hawker stall. I heard that he is no more operating there after 40 years. Is he still operating anywhere else? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

btw.... i would like to ask ahain...the beauty remey that u mention...the soup is the main importance for the skin or the beans.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei, Bryan

I also have dark eye circle. I hardly wear make-up to conceal it in normal days, those cosmetic sales/beautician always approach me to use their product when they see me.
On the beans/barley/white fungus soup can u state again what is the ingredient proportion. Do we cook it very waterly; and eat all the 'zha' to be effective.
Thank u, Margaret

Seyi said...


Anonymous said...

Can i have the ingredient for all mix beans ingredient for dark eyes.

kl said...

Hi YongMei
Do you mind cover the topic of lightening the pigmentation, and may be can you pls ask Mr Bryan Lao Shi teach us some tips on these areas.

Thanks & regards

叶咏梅 said...

Backache recover? thats good! i juz sprain my back. Can't stood down properly. decide to let it rest and see if it gets better tonite.

I'm never a model. thought i used to dream about being one. I had very low self esteem when i'm in my teens. i always think i'm ugly and no one ones to befriend with me. Used to have bad skin and ahem...b.o. haha!

Anonymous said...

Hey Yongmei,

why u so careless? Must take good care of yrself ok, support u always.


Anonymous said...

Oh, i just visited Bryan lao shi blog, i saw this serum for skin very good and also his bean receipe in it also.

YM take care ....

si lin

Anonymous said...


Csn u cover the topic of how to let one relax when stressed out at work and family problems. Is that any natural way to help. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Bryan lao shi,

amazing serum u have , i tried and is good, thank you so much. I hope u can cover more next on stress on family as requested.

jun nin

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody,

The steam face method is really good for the face. The rose essential oil is a must for me. i used to pour in few drop of the rose essential oil into a hot water. last time i used to have a problem with the pimples and acnes. and after my friends recomended the methos and the Rose essential oil and together with some of the skin care product i am now fully recover

must try..... rose essential oil

nancy chong