Thursday, May 17, 2007


你可以联络林先生9487 3994。
Louis 13 的收购价可高达$2000!


Anonymous said...

Oh oh Yong Mei,

Today I missed your program because my transistor radio go on strike.

Can you please post what Bryan has advised today into your blog because I really do not wish to miss. Though I still have not actually try his remedies, I am sure its good and effective from the feedback of the rest of the listeners. Thanks.

Mrs Chua

Anonymous said...

HI Yong Mei

Sorry I missed Mr Bryan Lao Shi Tips on lightening the pigmentation today, as my boss come to my room have to off the radio for a while. Do you mind update today's tops in you BLOG.

Thanks & regards

Anonymous said...

Yong Mei

Thanks for the contact no.


Anonymous said...

Hello Yong Mei,
I had fall in love in your programme. Everyday your programme is so interesting. Anyway, I had 2 bottles of liquor,'CENTAURE EXTRA REMY MARTIN" & 'PARADIS COGNAC HENESSY". as mentioned by Mr Lim the box is open like a book type. Do you have any idea the liquor value?? estimate. I am curious to know is there any value. Thanks

Mrs Tan

Anonymous said...

Yong Mei......this is the first time I look at your photo as I do not know your look.........u look like zoe tay.....

Anonymous said...

Hi YM, hope your back is better. I am one of Bryan Lao shi student, i used to have back pain, and spend alot of money to see doctor and specialist. Even those chiropractor one hour $90.

But still pain comes back. But Bryan lao shi method on using 3 oil helps me to recover , now i only pain once a blue moon. I must say he is good.

I saw his method in his blog, hope to share with more people, and those people cannot afford see specialist can try his method.

Kok Meng

Anonymous said...

Hi YongMei & MC
1stly apologise if I shdnt be posting this here bcos not sure if you still read comments from old topics. I received your gift mask, sincerely thank you. I bought 6pcs from JL and tried 2 which I find refreshing. Enjoy your show very much especially when MC is on air, truly refreshing, just like the masks! I have never been a follower in radio broadcast till I tune in at 10am Mon-Fri. Changed my handphone to one with radio bcos cant miss listening when I supermarketing betw noon to 2pm. Jia You! joyK

GEM said...

Hi Yong Mei,

I hv posted a question but couldn't locate it.
Would like to know what will happen to your program with Billy return for his Jing Pao Bai Fen Bai?


mc said...

Is great to knw that u do "ENJOY" both the mask and our show.

May I wish u have a REFRESHING day always.


Anonymous said...

Hi Yongmei,

How is today exams? Got confidence to do well? Anyway,wish u all the best in everything u do


Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei

Since MC partnered with you, I have found the particular time slot programme interesting. However, I learnet that MC had indicated he may not be able to attend your programme due to time constraint. That will be a pity. We like his chatty self and surprising he seems to be so knowledgeable. Cheers/M L

叶咏梅 said...

yes...i'm going to miss mc for a while. but who noes he might be back someday. sob sob. thing pls consult Mr Lim. cos me no expert.

wat will happen to me when billy come back? well, definitely change of shift. and i really duno if you all will follow to new shift. sigh...there are things which you can't control.

Was at Uhome juz now, one of the boss said he enjoyed me and MC's show. He never really talked about my programme whenever i go there. guess he really likes it. I've met cab driver who said he enjoyed our programme too.

I muz say, i enjoyed cohosting with MC, juz like you enjoy listening to us. There were some days whom i'm so down (NOT 大姨媽) and his presence juz make me feel at ease.

Well, as i always say, enjoy while you can.

Anonymous said...

Can give us wine expert mr lim tel no. so that we can contact him.

Anonymous said...

YongMei already posted Mr Lim's tel in her original blog. JK

Anonymous said...

Yong Mei

this is a shop in No.105 tampines rd #05-04 Wing Tai Ind Ctr that also buy in New/Old liquor. Maybe fan can bring to them for a evaluation quote.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Yong Mei the tel contact for the liquor store at No.105 tampines rd is 67483518 / 98213518 Cassino Koh if fan want to check out their OLD/New Liquor price to sell.