Wednesday, April 18, 2007

男生女生配 (III)

May i present to you .....AUGUST! (Left one, wearing blue white polo)

刚开始看名字,还以为他是"小姐". oops!

Born in Perak, 目前在靠近兀兰一带工作,是一位Equipment & System Specialist.工作非常忙,占据他绝大部分的时间.身高172 cm的他喜欢和朋友去吃饭,去KBOX唱歌以及运动!

他是....福州帅哥- AUGUST


I used to be actively participating in sports before I
sustained an injury on my knee about 5 years ago. I
was the representative for school, district and
college soccer team. Though, I still keen in doing
exercise, e.g. jogging, gym and has recently joined
the dragon boat team. Let’s roll our dream further!

I love outing with my friends to dine around, movies,
especially KBox…He he…

Generally I enjoy watching comedy, action movies or
horror movies…

I love singing very much, but majority Chinese songs…

Very seldom I travel abroad, usually for business
trip…I have been to Korean and Bangkok for some short term

I prefer ladies with;

- not too tall, <>

对他有兴趣的女生,请火速email给我你们的电话及兴趣等. email到

(PS:他很担心大家会取笑他的身材更担心没有人write in. 大家给他一点勇气吧!)


jennyap said...


第一位支持你的人。 GOOD LUCK!

poolfans said...

u say urself de... Thou he look quite yan dao, but abit ... ...
and his name.... erm..... =x
Ladies who interested in him... GO!!!!! Write in to take part...

GRACE said...

He's young n handsome. Sure a lot of ladies like him. But i find out he didn't mention about his family n his age too. Wish u success!

Kat said...




Diamond said...

Hello August,
I feel there is nth wrong with ur bulid lor,why yong mei say worry no gals email leh?Weird.haha.Anyway,jiayou,hope u get sm one u like.btw,hw old are u?

叶咏梅 said...

GOSH! i really didn't know he is 26 years old! i thought he is in the 30s.

got gals respond liao. above 30 leh. duno whether can get enough gals around his age.

oh yah, when you email me, please let me noe if you are writing for August or to be our weekly "lead" lover, where you get to choose between 3 guys or gals.

Libra said...

hmm having problem looking at the picture leh..

CT35 said...

Ya got some problem seeing the photo lei.

Nicole Hah said...



CT35 said...

Now the new photo got 2 person. So which one is August?
Left or Right?

叶咏梅 said...

Left one.

poolfans said...

hmmm.. dunno if it is coincidence or wad... Elvin, Kevin, August (me too) all are soccer fan...

Soccer fan = lonely guy

or just girl cant stand guys who are crazy over "ball"

Diamond said...

Hi August,
U must have more confidence in urself,cos u are quite good looking,i can say beta looking than the first contestant by alot,hee.Jiayou.

wan said...

身高不是问题啦! 加油!

qh said...

hi diamond,

Looks is not everything.
A girl wants their guy to be sincere and truthful to them.
To be there when they need a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on.

Nicole Hah said...

he is a cute guy. i like his smile!

jiayou, august! you will get your ms. right!

May said...


girls can't stand guys who are football craz? WRONG.

I have not watch a single football match before I got married. My hubby is a football craz (Man U Supp).influence by him, right now,
we are both football craz.

I believes girls can be influence.

加油, all the Soccer fan = lonely guy

ess577 said...

为什么对自己那么没信心啊!你的样子很帅啊! 希望你能找到你心仪的另一半,加油!

Diamond said...

Can i know ur religion? Thank You.

poolfans said...

i thou sincerity come from the heart... It doesnt need one to speak out loud. Ppl (Deon) can feel if u really are sincere or not...

Alvin Chua said...

Hi poolfan
surprise you are here talking abt deon.. lol
its because i feel action speaks louder then words.. i do not want to sit down and wait for something to happen. rather, i prefer to do something to proof my sincerity.
anyway, this is august's time now... lets just move on ya.

August said...

Dear Yong Mei,