Wednesday, April 18, 2007

This is Dion's pet...

Cute little chipmunk! forgot his name already. er....its a boy right? this picture is taken upon arrival at Vietnam i supposed. Dion 23, owes a chipmunk and me 34, owes a chicken as a pet. Something wrong with me right? haha. 开心就好!到底她会选择俊发还是Alvin呢?



Alvin Chua said...

I believe this chipmunk is called Chip...
his partner should be called Dale..
how i wish i can get chip to tell me now.. hehehe...
wish me luck !!!


Deon said...

Hi Yongmei & Alvin,
This is my pet,Dan1 Dan1.It's suppose to be a male,but I always treated it as a female!So bad huh?Ha..ha
Her original is Dale,the other darker one is Chip.Too bad,my Chip is much more bigger in size,thats y I can't carry her around.Dan Dan is more "portable"!=P
This photo was taken before we depart Vietnam.=D It's her 1st time taking a plane.
And yes,I have already told Dan Dan about my choice last night.I must say it's really a tough decision to make!!And I hope that whatever my choice is,no one will get hurt or disappointed.
And I will like to thanks yongmei for everything!
Please tune in at 12 noon to see whats my decision ba..=D
Take care

Alvin Chua said...

Hi Deon
oh ya!! dale's (Dan Dan) nose is red.. oh... i shouldn't speak to you too much.. later the other contestants think i play cheat !! hahaha
take care !!

Diamond said...

Aiyo tis also call pet so boring!! I tot is what cute animal,chey. Deon so hard to fall in love then dun marry lah,haha.

Gan said...

hi deon n yongmei,

I have a Chipmunk too.

nice to know you guys like that too.

Nicole Hah said...


its ok la! Deon never choose you! take it easy! maybe of you are too much talking lo! hee hee! some of the lady dont like guys 油腔滑調.

hope tat you can be the next leading role, quite curious about you!

jia you, you will get your ms. right!

Alvin Chua said...

hi Nicole

probably you are right.. talk too much.. kk,
me?? nothing special lah.. Thin, specs, and looks very much younger then i really am.. woohoo..

YM can vouch for that.. hehe.. she saw my picture,, and her first words were.. wow you look so young.. hahaha