Wednesday, November 08, 2006


GI就是Glycemic Index.只要选择低GI值的食物,配合低卡路里的饮食,就可以达到减肥的功效.


白米- GI84,356卡路里
糙米- GI56, 350卡路里
意大利面- GI65,378卡路里
面线- GI68,356卡路里
猪肉- GI45, 263卡路里
腊肠- GI48,497卡路里
牛肉 - GI46, 138卡路里
鸡肉 - GI45, 200卡路里
羊肉 - GI45, 227卡路里
虾 - GI40, 83卡路里
豆腐 - GI42, 72卡路里
马铃薯- GI90, 76卡路里
红萝卜- GI80, 37卡路里
蕃茄- GI30, 19卡路里
菠菜- GI15, 20卡路里
芒果- GI49, 64卡路里
苹果- GI36, 54卡路里
木瓜- GI30, 38卡路里
Orange - GI31, 46卡路里
chocolate - GI91, 557卡路里
饼干-GI77, 432卡路里
ice cream -GI65, 212卡路里



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From ur programme I did learn sometin,and who said dat we hv nothing to learn in ur programme!U R improving !especially wen HongYou joins in ur show!He has lots of topics dat make the show more interesting,and now I dun even wan to leave my office for lunch!U really change my life style after the Huan Pan Xin Dong!Anyway I enjoy ur show very much,keep it up!

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Hi Yong Mei,

The GI list that you given is refer to how much serving/amount of the food?


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Hi yong mei,

I like you and Hong you programme, can show us his photo.We would like to see him bcos we are attracted by his voice.Hope to see him in your blog.