Wednesday, November 08, 2006



Mdm Low de H0uSeWiFe said...

Yong Mei hi,

You did very well in thie 10am to 2pm section.

if you have stroytelling section in this programme, that will be good!

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,
Do you know of any way to keep lizards away?

The sight of them really make me sick to death lor! Sob sob, pls help!

972DJ Leelian said...

Wow! your photography skills is good! Thanks for sharing this beautiful pic!

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,
Thanks for sharing with us such beautiful pictures!

Can u pls help me to pass a message to Biyu, asking her to set her blog to allow anonymous comments? Bcos not everyone of us want to own a blog, but we want to post comment to you gals.

Btw, can you also reveal Guo Xian's blog site?

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

Hi yong mei,first time go in to your blog, i very happy!!! I also like listen to your 10-2pm section! Your voice very sweet!!! Keep it up!!!! I alway support you! Your picture taking very nice, hope next time can follow your trip!!!! JOHNNY!

Anonymous said...

hi Yong mei, I am not very sure were u the one on morning duty on 9/11. or was it Biyu?

anyway can u or Biyu help me to check about something that u/she has mentioned on this fishes skin treatment which has been in Japan for years & now it has come to spore & located at the tourist attraction which u/she did not mentioned where exactly this location is.

Can you help me to check & provide me the full details? I came across such "treatment" on the TV programmes & was hoping this will come to Spore & now that i knew it has came via your radio ad, hence would appreciate someone at yr station could review me the full style address of this salon.

Appreciate very much of your great assistance ya & hope you can email to me at: