Thursday, November 09, 2006






Anonymous said...

How much is the tour?U went with ue bf?

Anonymous said...

Hi>"Luckylady"Yong Mei,Is me again...rotciv.Is true, that U have been working very hard to have your program to be accepted with interst.However,reaching the top is difficult and staying top is much more up hill task.Anyway,U have done well,so don't pushed yourself to much.An advise i like to shared,but no guarantee.What attracted listeners to tune in 972????.I would say,firstly is the music 972 play(very best),and then gives the DJs all the chances to bring out their potential(entertainment)and brings in their own fans, plus sincere exchanges(close-up)U 'll sure have win win situtaion.So i suggest, checked the songs u 'll be playing and whether the song suited your subject of the day.I think it do helped.So sorry!!!!hope u are not offended by my comments.Only wanted to shared my personal views.I really like to hear from u if possible.

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