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陶子的blog 老虎五只的黃金歲月!IlyqF8KeFRLqmezkFIeTaK5.




我的偶像。。。陳奕迅的 blog


其實有些明星blog只是宣傳活動﹐quite boring。。。。



Anonymous said...

This is my first time posting at your blog. Always can't dot down the correct address when u "broadcast" it on air.

Can I have the website which u mentioned regarding how to overcome the fear when taking a plane. I can't see any at this posting ??? Sorry for being so troublesome .....

BTW, where u get ur cute little chick ? It's so adorable & "xin fu" to be able to travel around with u !!!

Have a nice weekend !!!

tEdDi said...

eh.. why the weblinks are not on ur blog?? i wanna see lehs..

叶咏梅 said...

sorry, sorry.....duno wat happen...i edit and let you noe.

BatmanReturns said...

hmm... nice..
but maybe u could have linked up the celebs blog address so that when ppl click on them, it links them to the blog directly..

叶咏梅 said...

i tried to create the link before. but, couldn't see anything. wonder what happen leh. fishy...fishy...

sorry lah.

HC said...

Have been trying desperately to get to yr website for a long time. Glad that you hv it linked to love972 website. Had spent many many hours to read all postings and get to know you better. Good work, keep it up! Love yr household tips but prints are too small. Learning to read Chinese words thru' such small prints are a hard job. If you don't mind, pls hv it in English as well.

Since you are close to Chen Hong, may I know why did he left the station when he did promised that he will continue to be the DJ even when Billy is back? and no one mention about his termination! Do you hv his website? If possible, pls link his website or blog to yours as well. Enjoyed watching his cooking programmes and love his 972 programmes as well. Will he be back to Love972 again?
Thank you so much, sweetie

zora said...

this is Edison Chen's. In english with pictures... if you are interested

叶咏梅 said...

To HC:

Ahong is not terminated lah. We'll still cooperate in the future, i mean future programme recordings. dun think you will hear us on air as cohosts lah. If you join the tour, can tell you more lah. haha!

That's why, always treasure what you have at present, you never noe when you will lose something you treasure most.


呃,詠梅,你確定你放在你的blog上的 easonchan 的 blog 是你的偶像的 blog?
(I went through some of his posts and seriously doubting....)


Huilin said...


Anonymous said...

Wu Ke Qun's