Monday, July 24, 2006

Meow Meow's pictures!!!

Meow meow has emailed me the pictures she took during her Apr-May silk road tour.

really nice, take a look.

Till now, the response is still far from the target. Hope it gets better nearer to the trip. Ren Ren holidays people are really nice to work with. They entrusted me with this assignment cos I led the shangrila trip last year and received zero complaints! They are very thoughtful people, bringing chilli and soy sauce for everyone during the last trip cos they noe singaporeans can't live without chilli! I hope more people

Wasn't too happy last week cos of the above. Wonder what could be the reason. Probably becos it's not during the school holidays. Anyway, i'm doing my best, reading up, finding out from friends and doing more recordings with people who have been there. Am working out 5 times a week to ensure my health is in tip top condition!

Hope you can join me as we explore SILK ROAD together. dun forget any queries, call them -> 6536 6233.

It's definitely gonna be memorable.


XIAO FEN said...

The main reason is as follows:-
1. travel to silk road - 8 days is definetly too short.
2. price is high - $1688, with this can go tibet, and now tibet is the hot place with the new raunch of the train.
3. many people had already gone to this place. Last yr, capital 958 also went to Silk road, but I think is 10 days or so.

Anonymous said...

dun be dishearthened, renee.
it's still rather early to be making bookings.
reservations may pour in only next month. who knows. but make sure u are ready when 'customers are her' !!


huilin said...

Its not bcos u're the tour guide.
Don't be Disheartened Yongmei.

Ganbatte ne~

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee,

After this trip went on air, I tot this is a chance maybe should not be missed.

But due to finance constraint and also not school holidays, quite difficult to make arrangement.

Each time I saw the pictures posted here, it is so tempting.

Well, hope can do something.
Meanwhile, dun get upset when is still one and a half months to go.

cheers ;)
flying fish

Well, let's see any miracle will happen

Anonymous said...

Dear Yong Mei,
Don't be dishearted.
Bad response is not because u r the guide, its because of $$$$ matter if my whole family 2 adult 2 children.. I need 10K women.. not a joke with this kind of economy. Looking at the pictures already so tempting.. how can we not go Just that... too bad...

Hope the response will soon coming in...

Good Luck