Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Radio Awards is here again!

and if you think i'm a friendly person, please vote for me as Carlsberg Friendliest Personality.

enter F2 space 51 space name space IC No. send to 72888

Each SMS costs 20 cents.Chiken wants mama to win the award. cos i said if mama gets the award, she'll have her own blog! she can't wait to start her own blog. so, out of pity for her, you might juz as well VOTE FOR MAMA! who knows, you may walk away with 10K? haha....

vote for 972 if you find our djs nice.

F1 space 8 space name space ic no send to 72888 too!

and dun 4get to vote for zhiyong cruz too! he got an award last year too!


DJ Kevin said...

hope people wun pretend nothing happen...



請投 Chicken mama 一票以示支持﹗﹗
(多幾票更好。。10票吧。。才 $2)
Chip Chip...(chicken 在叫)

請留言說您投了幾票 ok

Jesline26 said...

Vote for u liao.. i m also very happy for u .. keep up the good work ..