Sunday, July 17, 2005

UHOME Roving report yesterday

speaking of renovators, a lot of people only have bad experience with renovators. delay work, hidden costs, quality of material used drop and worst of all, after you spent all your savings in renovation, your finished home is not what you desire at first.

I remember the last time i went to do UHOME roving report, the boss Mr Liao bought fresh flowers for me as a gift and yesterday, i got 2 packets of ROYCE chocolates!!!! OH MY GOD! ROYCE CHOCOLATES!!! So Expensive!

Will only eat 1 packet during my PERIOD, heard it's good for ladies during "that period". As for the other packet, who wants huh? if not, i'll bring to ofis 2moro for colleagues.

If you want to renovate your house, you should consider UHOME. if you have time today, make way to 73 Upper Paya Lebar rd, near diamond industry. They are having promotion today, TAXI FARE will be paid by them leh! Of course there are other lucky draws and attractive discounts! (9.30 am to 9 pm)

I've been to a lot of showflats and renovation companies' showroom, but UHOME displays at least 20 different styles of kitchen, living room,bedroom and even toilets. showroom做得实在用心, every detail is well looked after. I love their black 浴缸 (HARD TO FIND BLACK COLOR) with the mix and match of black and white tiles. didn't bring my camera yesterday, otherwise can show you all the picture!

Young couples love their unique contemporary design! and they dun juz sell you, they will tell you which material is more durable, the pros and cons etc.

The boss said he wanted to recruit another dj to do their roving at first. But after he heard my other roving reports, he likes my way of promoting products and my voice. haha. i am speaking from my own experience . i have experience renovating and looking for qualified renovators. i was lucky, i met a good renovator (4got the name, it's located at thomson rd . i even recommended to billy who eventually used them) But not everyone is so lucky.

My friend spent 80,000 on renovation. and 你怎么看也看不出为什么花了那么多钱。I dun have much money when i do my renovation, but i did my homework and spent only $20,000 (furnitures not included)

It''s not easy to find a trustworthy renovator who understands what you want and how to achieve it.

So, you have to do your homework. the more you do, the more $ you save!!!

if you are free tdy, take a cab to UHOME or call them at 6757 4491.

i'm not endorsing their products, neither am i getting $ for this.

But, if i know of a 有良知的商家,我一定会介绍给网友的!If you have any good renovator you want to recommend, drop me a message.


ECHO said...

$20,000 does it include design?

叶咏梅 said...

yup! The renovator was touched by my support towards them. cos i kept their newspaper cutting for 3 years. that's why at first he charged a lot. i told him we have limited budget and he said it's alright,he can give and take and try to accomodate to my requests.

VyVy said...


ji de wo ma ??
ur blog no tagboard..
so i resort to posting here..
haha :D