Sunday, April 17, 2005

home cook food

really missed my mum's home cook food. now that she is not feeling well, she has to order food from catering service. Used to enjoy baking. not now....:( Dun really noe how to cook except rice and simple soup and spaghetti.

now, he cooks occasionally. he loved to cook chinese dishes, chicken mushroom (whereby he'll put lots and lots of my favourite mushrooms) , jin1 jiang4 rou4 si1, bittergourd, lotus root soup. he normally cooks a week's portion. which is huge!! i always say he treats the refrigerator as a mortuary. he will keep "dead bodies" (seasoned raw meat) in there for months.

but i really enjoyed home cooked food. whenever i smell home cooked food from your neighbours, i will feel very lonely. It's always nice when you know you are going home to a meal of home cooked food.

but i missed the familiar smell of it....

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