Thursday, April 14, 2005

My childhood dream

is to play a piano. since young, i have been wanting to learn a piano. It all started when i heard richard clayderman's ballad pour adeline. I started my piano class a year ago. Joined adult piano class at cristofori. however after stage 1 course, a lot of students (including a 70year old man) left. 3 of them bought pianos but they didnt continue the course. thus, we cant start a stage 2 class. eventually, me and the other student (siewgek) decided to join individual class.

It's really not easy, from reading notes to mastering the chords. but at least after much hardwork, i've mastered the simplest version of moonlight sonata, fur elise and ballad pour's great satisfaction.

The world is really small. one of my wonderful teacher sujartha's students is actually the daughter (if i remembered correctly) of zheng ge ping and hong hui fang!

I enjoyed going to classes , cos my great teacher never lost her patience and make me feel at ease.; )

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