Monday, April 18, 2005

watched delamu

film festival has just began. chose to watch 3 movies this time.

delamu is really a great film. it took the director tian zhuang zhuang five years to complete. China's Yunnan Province is famous for it's nearly 1000 year old cha2 mu4 gu3 dao4, the major route for caravans to transport tea, salt and grain. the movie depicts the life of the people in the nujiang river valley northwest yunnan. In tibetan, delamu is the goddess of security. to the chinese, Yunnan is the land closest to god.

I like the story about a 104 year lady of nu ethnic group remembering a lover who never came back and a young man became a lama after his lover left him.

While watching the movie, a man from behind kept talking and talking. i was so mad that i shouted" Can u please stop talking." You know what he said. he said" what's the problem now?" in an angry tone. my friend said "shut up" and an audience said "keep your volume down". He did stop talking but he delibrately make noises when he ate his popcorn.

It's a documentary, it's film fest , it's Delamu and not other entertaining films. why must he talk as if he is the only one in the cinema. very inconsiderate!!!! selfish guy!!!!

so angry....

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