Thursday, November 05, 2009

An afternoon in Jacelyn's Body Inc!

Nice and cooling plum + peppermint drink! Good for hot weather!

The creative chef behind all the nutritious recipes, my church friend, Joseph!!!

Ginseng Aloe vera! 当天我真的吃穷秀珍!

Tofu with 枸杞子。Can i have another set?? keke..

带给秀珍的幸福的男人-Brian! You will see him quite often in roadshows and their club. Some fan actually request to take photo with him instead of Jacelyn, thats how popular he is now.

If you happen to be really stressed out, do visit their Body Inc at fifth floor of takashimaya. The lounge music, the health books and delightful nutritious drinks and snacks will definitely relaxed you totally from within!

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