Friday, October 30, 2009

Some information that might be useful to you!

1) Thurs Beauty TCM doctor 周美茵老师 诊所电话:6452 8318
(She is out of town Nov 4 to 25)

2) Asthma doctor: Dr Wong Wai Mun (Raffles Medical)6311 1111
中医:苗蒙医师6311 2227
有听众建议有位Doctor Tan from Alexandra Family Clinic 看哮喘和咳嗽不错。
他的电话:6479 7022

3) 健身教练,National Bowler Lee Yu Wen.


anne said...

Hi Yongmei,

Happy Belated Birthday!

Gk said...

Happy always.
Life is challenging. I also unhealthy with my liver. My girl has heart MMR. Y we worrying life still going.

lee said...

Hi Yongmei,
Saw u at Travel Malaysia Fair, u look so sweet!!!!!!!加油!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gk said...

ya every morning 7-10am sure has Andy lau's song and
10-2pm has Eason's song???

傻MUI said...

Actually I dun understand why the PC kept producing eason's songs. I have looked at my song list 2moro. Also got his song. I dun like all of his songs though. Prefer cantonese ones.