Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thumbs up for latest disney movie "UPS"!


超感动,超好笑,让你笑中有泪,笑到不能自己。Disney的电影主题都环绕在爱及梦想,寓意深刻。The trailer of this movie wasn't that fantastic but the movie is AWESOME! (unlike ice age 3-> vice versa)

想减压的朋友,记得 带你的最爱到戏院支持 UPS!!!!

(P/S: 恩爱的老夫老妻记得带纸巾进场)
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Anonymous said...


May I know where is the resort that you went to? Cos the rainbow & moon pic is soooo beautiful!!!! Taking by a digi camera?

Damn beautiful lo


God daddy said...

wats that flower thing doing in the middle.. it has nothing to do with the movie! hhHAHA

傻MUI said...
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傻MUI said...

Goddaddy! Your eyes!!! That's the rose i grow...haha!

Joe, its RASA SENTOSA Shangrila at Sentosa, its "executive paranomic seaview" room aka BELY EXPENSIVE but bely WORTH IT room ;)

God daddy said...

Mummy if i cannot see the big thing in the middle then i need an optician to fix my eyes. duh

Casper said...

Yong Mei,

What camera are you using?


傻MUI said...

er....actually i dun like my camera esp nite scenes not very good leh. sony cybershot not the latest lah.

Casper said...

Yong Mei,

Hardware only play a part. The rest are your photo composite and skills.

I think you have maximize your hardware.

Sony Cybershot is handy to be in your bag.