Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tell me how can one learn to love exams?

Although this is the 3rd year i took this degree course and I've gone through more than 10 exams, whenever its close to exam period, I juz can't help but feeling anxious and totally unconfident at all.

Despite the fact that i might have go thru the chapters three, four times, I can go blank or remembered the wrong stuff when it comes to taking the exam.

Last year, I only remembered one question's answer when my paper was handed up.

I still think exam is not the best way to test a student's understanding of the subject. Its purely memorization skills, the better it is, the better marks you get.

3 papers continuously one after another this time. I pray that GOD give me strength and concentration this time as I revise. Will stop taking the thyroid medicine which is making me drowsy.

Wanna know my tip of preparing for exams? haha! List out the things you wanna do once IT IS OVER! That's the best motivation any students can have!

Can't wait till my exam is over, I got SO many things-to-do on my list, one of them being to buy new plants cos most of them has withered...

BEST OF LUCK IN YOUR EXAMS! back to books now.....


Anonymous said...

Yong Mei

I really understand tt stress for exams. Recently, i took up a degree course for the sake of my better career prospects. But my biggest prob is im' completely not int in it & i actually attend class w/o taking exam bt pd for everyting... go 2 class purely to tke notes... sigh.. wht's my REAL prob?? I seems to know & don know.. Am I alone? SigH..


anne said...

Wow it's your exam again and you started to stress up....Well I guess no one will be confident before exam and majority will go blank too so normally I don't read outside exam hall as it won't help and it makes me more nervous......

But well you come out you should know how much confident you have to score .....relax the more you stress yourselves the more you will forget......

How come your thyroid medicine make you drowsy?? I thought it's suppose to make you less tired....guess your body is still adjusting to suit the medication..I suggest you don't stop too many days it's will make you feel fatigue.....anyway you took it in the morning or night....mine is every morning.....

Hope that you could pass with flying color ......but don't stress yourselves as long as you do your best 你已经对得起自己了。。。。加油吧!Work smart don't work hard....!

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei.

Yong Mei, u can try Brand's Essence Chicken with Vit B Complex bec my male colleague has tried it. It has made him more energetic n fresh during his working hr. 1st time, take 2 tablets for 3 days n then u will feel the effect of this product.

Yong Mei, pls take.

Wallace 圣安 said...

You can't learn to love exams...But you can learn to love learning.
加油咯!! 等你请喝茶!!! kekeke

Anonymous said...

You looks great.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei

Perhaps you stay calm & dont feel stress if you dont talk abt it. I have been hearing you talking exam exam...etc.

Anonymous said...

My friend,

I presume u love the course u're reading now (otherwise why take in the 1st place). Since u love this course, there must be an interest to know everything from the lessons. If the interest is there, when the lecturer is teaching, u must be telling yourself "hmmm yes, there is what I looking for..." U will understand very easily.

If u understand the concept, during exam just use your own words and elaborate (but don't overdo), don't hv to go words by words as in the textbook. The catch of it is to put the main core in your answer, use your own words to elaborate (u can do it if u really understand the concept).

Next, anxiety b4 & during exam. after so many years of primary, secondary and JC, u shd hv gotten out of it. You get anxiety bcoz u r not confident of yourself. And if you bring your anxiety into the exam hall, your mind will go blank.

As long as u r well prepared in term of context, anxiety will not be long. Be confident, tell yourself u can do it, do some breathing exercise, let your anxiety out and walk into the hall confidently.

Last thing is luck. Some people spot question or the lecturer may give some tips. If u catch it, u r lucky. However, luck only go with people who are well prepared and confident to champ.

Hope you do well and get As...

Gd luck

Anonymous said...

hi yong mei


Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,

May I know how can I contact Dr. Hong?


Anonymous said...

Yong Mei,
I understand your stress now. I am in the same boat as you. I take Orange Juice for additional energy.

Just tell yourself you can make it.


Vinna Lim said...

Yong Mei

I have send a email to sell my goods but never show in the 'Zuiai bangbang mang'. why?


傻MUI said...

Wallace, IS THAT YOU????? Weather so hot, you gotta脱掉啊?

丽江学校?我真的忘了,我是跟人人旅游的朋友去的,他们安排那所学校,是在Shangrila. 你可以打去问6333 0998或找希望小学吧.

Anonymous said...

Yong Mei

I was once having hyper thyroid when pregnant. I took the medicine throughout my pregnancy till birth of my daughter.But I ve recovered n stopped taking the medicine for more than 10 years.
Have faith in yourself and watch your diet n exercise. I believe one day u too can say bye to your thyroid.
I always tell my kids when stepping into exams halls. Say your prayer first , do breathing exercise and tell yourself that the paper u take is going to be easy for u to help u gain your confidence - 50% in yourself n 50% hard work.
Enjoy your programme very much.Saw your sincerity n effort put in the programme . Keep up the GOOD work. God Bless You.