Tuesday, May 26, 2009





昨天跟Bryan老师在空中告别.有很多不舍,但是,我希望他飞得更远,做更多方面的尝试! 跟Bryan老师合作是在MC King还在的时候. 一眨眼就两年多了,我也看到Bryan老师的成长,越来越知道自己要什么,越来越有自信!谢谢他过去无私的分享!

Take care and we'll miss you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Lao Shi.

Your fav colour is Green.

Wow, it is nice to see our Lao Shi to be Disc Jockey on 25/5/2009 at radio station FM love 97.2.


Anonymous said...

Hi Yongmei,

Earlier tries hard to call in...unfortunately it cant.

As i wanted to tell you...i have been learning swimming for quite sometime but till now coming 30y/o still cant even swim...so paiseh also.

Wonder when then i can swim :(


Anonymous said...

Wearing green clothing in the Year of the Ox will bring more good fortune

Anonymous said...

Hi YongMei, know that you miss MC a lot but you choose not to blog about MC probably because you feel is more appropriate to keep memories of MC inside your heart? I am sure you will think of MC who gave you a lot of support,advise and help whenever you have setbacks and MC is always there for you. I am sure MC will bless you.


Anonymous said...

Thk u for the info that we can wear green clothing to bring in more wealth n fortune.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yongmei,

May I have the recipe for bad breath given by Bryan Laoshi, pl.

Anonymous said...

Hi! YongMei,
Is there a website for FoodFair starting on 29/5/09? Pls adv. Many thnks! Wenwen.

L-5 said...

Yong Mei


第一层,体贴!!! :D
第二层,关怀!!! :D
第三层,浪漫!!! :D
第四层,温馨!!! :D
中间夹层,甜蜜!!! :D


Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,

Today Thursday again so hoping to hear your programme at 11am.
Can I know how much shan cha and he ye to be mixed together and need to be boiled? This recipe for slimmimg was discussed on your previous Thur programme.
thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi L5.

Wow u r so sweet n caring person.

I have purchased 5 stalks of different color roses to be placed inside my flower vase. Hmmmm they r really frangrance to be smelled by my nose. I will bathe myself with 5 element aroma oil with a pail of water.

I will drop a few drops of 5 element aroma oil inside my burner to purify my hse. I will boil 5 color flower tea with brown rock sugar to drink later.

fm Sweety Baby