Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Top 3 beauty items for 2009!

1) Japanese vinegar (Grape flavour)
Bought this from Food and Beverage at Suntec city exhibition. Well, you can drink
a tsp diluted with a glass of water. Taste superbly good! Listners said vinegar
help them get rid of mouth ulcer, gives them energy (not so tired) and to me its
good for digestion. Its available at chinatown shop too.

2) Bryan's rice bran oil+tea tree oil
I've got very very dry feet. Tried so many foot creams but not moisturise enough.
Have tried Bryan's combination for 4 days liao. Getting better. At least no
crack. Normally I'll apply and wear a sock at nite.

3) Keratese hair mask
My hair is fine and very dry. I've already given up conditioner and used
hair mask to replace conditioner as it is very RICH! My stylist Michelle from
Jeric Hair Salon recommended this lastest product which makes your hair extra
soft and it smells nice. So soft and I kept touching it. Heard them say Jamie
Yeo also using it cos her hair used to be very dry.

Whats your top three beauty items that you buy from past months? You can share with me if you want.


Anonymous said...


where can i buy the hair mask?


Anonymous said...

Hi Yongmei,

Where can we get the vinegar? Chinatown shop at where? More specific location?

Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

hehe i wanna know where we can find the hair mask, any idea how much? :P

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy the rice bran oil ?

Thank you


Anonymous said...

Hi Jacqueline,

You can place the order from Bryan Lao Shi. The email address is

For further details, you can visit his blog at

Happy surfing!


Anonymous said...

hi, other than getting from bryan, do u know where can i get rice bran oil? thanks. From Jan.

Anonymous said...


For the hair mask, you can get at People Park above food centre (Min Min shop at 3rd level). but very exp - $85 becoz salon recommend & it is branded, heard they say salon mark up/sell >$100. My hair texture similar to Yong Mei. They recommend a cheaper one Organic Brown Rice hair mask from HAIRMAX (from Korea) $30. Am trying. hope can see good results .... & not have to pay a bomb.

Anonymous said...

hi yongmei

on 17/4/09, u did mentioned abt eye lashes cream. May i know where can i buy this eyelashes ie 300x 700X and what brand ? Be more specific answer