Monday, November 17, 2008



1)椰子油 Organic Coconut oil

2)葡萄籽油 Grapeseed Oil
优点:Vit E (good for skin),高抗氧化剂,耐高温.

3) 苦茶油(Bitter Tea Oil)
优点:耐高温,80%不饱和脂肪脂肪酸,Vit E,抗氧化剂

4) 葵花籽油(sunflower oil)
优点: 普通煎炒可以,不能耐高温
可用来排毒,以一茶匙含在口里15 到20 分钟,然后吐出,它的颜色会从金黄色到白色.只要多排毒几次,

5) 米糠油
优点: 耐高温,Vit E,抗氧化剂

6) 橄榄油


1) NutriHub - December 2008 Dine & Learn Workshop
Do you have headache / insomnia / dizziness (feeling
of floating in the air or not with oneself) / pressure
in the chest / “electrical currents” in any part of
the body,etc? If yes, your body is showing signs &
symptoms of EMF / microwave sickness. Come & attend
our Harmonising your Body Energy workshop to learn how
to protect yourself and relief these symptoms.

Sat 6/12/08 10am to 12noon
“Harmonising Your Body Energy I”
$40 inclusive of lunch.
Learn how to protect yourself from harmful
Electromagnetic Field / Radiation.
Learn how to use Pendulum to check your body & food
energy. Learn how to harmonize your body energy with
visualization technique, organic juices and other

Sat 13/12/08 1pm to 3pm
“Nutrition & Vitality Cooking I”
$50 inclusive of lunch.
Nutrition talk on why & what to replace in your diet,
how to boost your immune system & how to manage your
colon health. Followed by Vitality Cooking Demo - Asian Salad
Delight using local greens & Cashew Fig 5 grains Brown
Rice Porridge.

Sat 20/12/08 1pm to 3pm
“Nutrition & Vitality Cooking II”
$50 inclusive of lunch.
Nutrition talk on what & how to supplement your diet,
Weight management and how to do simple Detox.
Followed by Vitality Cooking Demo – Raw mushroom Yu
Sheng & 8 Treasure Fragrant Brown Rice.

Sat 27/12/08 10am to 12noon
“Harmonising Your Body Energy II”
$40 inclusive of lunch.
Learn how to use Pendulum to do dowsing on your body /
objects.Learn how to harmonize your body energy using color
visualization to open your chakra (energy centre) as
well as relax your body with chakra exercises and
other techniques.

Enjoy 10% discount for those registered for 4
workshops or 10% discount for group of 3 persons or
more register for 1 workshop.

For Registration, please contact our Café at 6738 2746
or SMS to Ms Vinitha Ang at 9236 8402.


ctstin said...

Yong Mei,
The last time this teacher mention before roast the nut, the nut have to soak in the water for over night. Do u still remember, the nut is almond or walnut ?
Two days ago, i soak almond before hand and roast it, but almond become quit hard and dry. Hope that u can reply me. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Yong Mei,

可不可以e-mail如何制作yogurt的食谱给我到 you

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,

You hv miss out for item 6..(below)
6) 橄榄油

CY Lucas said...

No comment but complement! Well done!Need your from the public for past year Sec 1 Express and Sec 3NT for sale (CCK & Swiss Cottage Sec Sch)text books. Appreciate your help. Thanks N regards.


Anonymous said...

yongmei, update more ok?

Anonymous said...

wah, so expensive. economy crisis how to afford. so sad

Anonymous said...

how much does bryan pay you for advertising?

Anonymous said...

Hi 洪老师

May I know whether 橄榄油ok for cooking i.e 普通煎炒 Or it is only ok for salad dressing. Appreciate you reply to Thanks.