Thursday, August 28, 2008


现在只要在演唱会听到这首歌就会想到他. "明年今日,没见你一年,谁舍得改变离开你60年."


anne said...


又圆梦了!说起MC KING嘛!每当我听到两只蝴蝶我都会想起他,就好像我听张学友的歌就想起哥哥一样。。。。。。

虽然不甘心。。。不舍得但还是要放手。。。。 这对离开的人才是就好的。。。他们就不会有牵挂可以早登极乐世界。。。。


加油!每次听到你的声音沙沙的就知道你又要生病了! 要注意身体天气又变了!

Anonymous said...

We miss mc king too. you must take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,
You really look like my friend's wife, may i know are you already marry ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei.

I have met u n Xiao Ying at Bryan Workshop on 25/4/08(fri).

It is a blessing in disguise for MC King to pass away bec he is facing a lot burden to solve his financial problem by himself.

Yong Mei, pls take n keep smiling.

Life is short n so precious.

God bless, Yong Mei.

xuanxuan said...

hey,just went into YeLiMei's blog,she missed MC and so did U!so coincidence as 2 of his best fren also missed him!I tin he did miss both....I miss him too....

Coldie said...

hi yong mei,

mc should be very happy to have a friend like u. anyway, friends come n go... pls take care & keep smiling

Jenny said...

Hi Yong Mei,

Times flies and without knowing, MC has left us for almost 9 months.... to think that this 9 months is short, it isn't.... but life still carries on.... good things are meant to be buried deeply in the heart of the living... so let it go and just remember him as he is.... cheers

McKing's fan said...

Another 4 months 2 days will be mc's first anniversary liao guess he should be happy and peaceful now if u all miss him maybe can look for the old tcs dramas on saturdays and weekdays morning or late midnite sometimes can see him..

next next week eat mooncake will remember him to just like yaya mengting wei's song yuanyuan di yuanyuandi yue liang de lian ...

read about the late radio broadcasters this morning on zaobao just felt that they should have included mc in too as he has been a big contribution to the broadcasting society too ..anyway life is that lah lets treasure what we have now and never to regret when its gone

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei.

I have heard this song in Mandarin in Jan 2008 as MC King favourite song to remember him at Love 97.20Fm.

Thk u for sharing with us in Guan Dong Hua version.

I really enjoyed in listerning to this song that i can fully understand the chorus very easily.

Yong Mei, pls take care, keep smiling n successful career.

Anonymous said...

Can i have the title of the song you mention mc like? it is sing by chen yi xun, thanks

Anonymous said...

Can i have the title of the song which mc like and you have put on the net? it is sing by chen yi xuin. thanks

cuishan said...

ming nian jing ri mengninkGamyat