Tuesday, August 12, 2008

跟Bryan老师去看"12 莲花"

我不是影评但我想说,我不是很喜欢这部电影.太煽情而且剧情太拖泥带水,通过唱歌的方式带过情绪的部分太多了. 所以我很不耐烦. 拍摄手法方面肯定比881好. 演员的表现还蛮平均的.歌曲方面没有881精彩.



** DaVe Zi yAnG ** said...

ziyang here...thanks for the encouragement in your previous blog entry.i'll never give up my dream of being a DJ!hehe...

anyway,i have not watched "12 莲花" myself but i admit that i've quite high expectations just like you on royston tan's movie as i find him quite a talented local director,from the stage to the big screens now. his previous movie,881,i've watched it for 2 times in the cinema theaters consecutively.881 is really nice!

this time round,i'll also show my support for royston too!i'm a great fan of local productions and singers as well...hehe! ;)

yongmei,really like listening to your “最爱下午茶” wor...this 2-5pm slot really suits you like a T...jia yo! :)

zi yang :)

** DaVe Zi yAnG ** said...

又是我,子扬...谢谢你下午在 "听见你的最爱" 帮我念出寄语,并且播出了那首我最爱的对唱情歌 "今生注定"。
感激不尽... :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,

U look very pretty in the

Anonymous said...

Hi yongmei,
U look so pretty,