Friday, July 27, 2007

Mooncake tasting session at Pan Pacific hotel!

Look who's there with us? actually all the media people. we all got a long box of mooncakes. 从未吃过那么好吃的冰皮月饼!


1) 流沙custard (不会太甜也不腻!)
2) 桂花 (我最爱桂花茶了,这个有淡淡桂花香)
3) 淮山+wolfberry (养生月饼)

饼皮月饼存放冰箱只能放三个星期. 所以可以先预订.


Nicole Hah said...

wow, bing bird are happiness, can eat do many mooncake hee hee...but becafeul later become fat bird yo! ha ha...

Anonymous said...


tracy said...

accutually i also got selling moon cake at jb, we counter at jb city square, but till now haven open. if u come there i will treat u moon cake, last yrs MC KING also buy wif us oOoo.....

mglt0907 said...

Hi Yongmei,

gd for you. Get to sample the Mooncakes.

I am also dealing with healthier choice mooncakes. We do sampling with companies as well as with friends and their contacts. Just to share the good news with all the bloggers here.

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