Friday, July 27, 2007

Look what i bought from DAISO!

$2 shop avail in Plaza Singapura and Vivocity!

I bought wooden comb, shoe polisher (wax) and timer (to wake my partner up when he is cooking. Cos he always fall asleep when he is warming food.)

And of course i bought a protector for my new love "PINKY PSP"!

Me really pink panther, like pink so much!


Anonymous said...


Poor me, missed your program this morning. Not feeling well today, fall asleep a few mins after you & MC started the program.

Listened to MC & FengYing the other day.They just do not have the kind of " CLICK" that you & MC have.

I'll not miss monday & Tues program.

Take Care , YMMC.

jade soh said...

Yong mei jie. Im making accessories for a living, in swarovski and normal plastic beads, can you help me to tell the other listeners that im holding a accessories sales, in the youth park from 7th of august onward 1 pm onward every tuesday , and they can drop by to take a look if they are near the place, btw, i have close to 1000 items including beads and other findings and accessories the things im selling starts from $1, and my hp number is 97574329.Thank you very much.

Monique said...

There is a bigger Daiso @ IMM haha... u will be crazy if u go there!!!