Thursday, June 21, 2007

Chiken & her new pets!

We want to keep a nemo but it is too expensive and difficult to take care. so, we decide to keep small fishes instead.

Chiken dote on them so much that she feeds them thrice a day. Haven't seen any baby fishes yet...Does anyone noe why mummy fish eats baby fish?

So funny, MC and I looked into website for info and found people asking questions such as "HOW TO NOE IF MY FISH IS SLEEPING OR DEAD? " and "HOW TO REDUCE STRESS OF TRANSFERRING FISHES WHEN WE CHANGED WATER?" haha...soon i will post something like, "Why are fishes always hungry?"


Frankie said...

had been listening to yr program...found some of the comments made by listeners not really true...guppies, mollies are live bearers and they will eat up their fries when to why some guppies die so easily...many reasons....quality of guppy is not good due to too many in-breeding....water condition is bad...etc.

杨军 said...

Guppies and mollies do not have the sense that whether the babies fish are belongs to them especially when the female guppies feel hungry or get shock.
Listeners said that guppies and mollies gave births in eggs form and that not true, they are give birth in fish form.
Lots of guppies and mollies can't survive might because of the hardness or softness of the water in another words we call PH water condition. They usually prefer 'old' water condition.
In order to let the baby guppies survive it must keep the water clean, do not over feed with fish food as this will dirty the water and cause bacteria to grow.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,

Is it Chiken or chicken? coz saw this word appears more than once.