Saturday, May 19, 2007

I missed 麗江。

I've juz finished one paper yesterday. So stressed until i feel like vomiting on the cab. i was a little bit late, cos i can't stop taking final look at my notes before entering the hall.

So, i think i have done quite well. Meaning, if the marker is not super strict, should be able to pass. THREE QUESTIONS WERE FROM LAST YEAR'S PAPER! i said, i always spot wrong question and i'm not the brilliant sort of student, so i've prayed hard that i can get an easy paper next wed for CHILD DEVELOPMENT course. I've not started memorising yet.

Meanwhile i'm looking at my snowy mountains pictures, i missed the weather and blue sky so much. And chiken missed playing with snow.

Oh yah, me cooking healthy soup this Fri 6 pm to 8 pm at EXPO, FOOD FAIR. Recipe given by Bryan!!! I will be officially announce on site as their ambassador. If you wanna taste the soup, c'mon down! hope i have enough for everyone. Anyway, i'll appear on ZAO AN NIN HAO this wed (day of exam) morning.


Anonymous said...

4ward 2 see U @ZaoAnNiHao!Hapi weekend

Anonymous said...

Hi yongmei,
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I wish your programme will going on, if Billy is coming back!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lorine

Thank you so much for your info given. I've bought quite alot of the Dermal masks but wasn't very sure which ones are good for what purpose. So thanks ALOT..

N Yongmei

Keep up the gd work !! Friday when u n MC was not ard it felt so weird. All the best for ur exam paper next wed. Really admire ur time management skills, juggling so many duties at the same time *salute*

Your daily listener as well

kim said...

Hi Yongmei

Hope everything went well for all your exams, good luck for the coming ones. I am keen to study pyschology too, can help to pass me some information on the course you are taking now? You can email me at

Thanks a lot!


叶咏梅 said...

visit for more info on my degree course.

Anonymous said...

Hi YM,

I totally understand your EXAM STRESS.
sigh....Me too, already having nosea,sleepless nights even though my exam is in June.

YM: Just Do It! Bright Sunshine is waiting for you after 23rd May.

All the Best!


Anonymous said...

Hello Yongmei,

what kind of soup u cooked at Expo this Friday.If time permits, will sure come down to try, see u.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yongmei,

Totally agreed with Christine, especially when u are jugging yr worklife and exams stress at the same time.Just try yr best n let the natural takes its course.


phantom said...

hi ym
i know exactly what you were referring when you missed clear blue sky ... the feeling like you can peer right into space yeh ... i was in kunming for over 2 years, and recently posted back home ... visited lijiang twice, altho' feel twice is not enough ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Yongmei,

I will also like to go lijiang 4 my holidays next time.So refreshing with blue blue sky, green green plot of field, white white snow,really ren jian paradise.


Sho-e said...

Hi YongMei
I understand it's tough to juggle work and study, as I was in a similar position when I was working in MNC a few years ago. More so for us ladies who have to play our roles as wife, daughter, mother etc.YOU HAVE DONE WELL! So applaud yourself for your persistence, stamina and effort! TAKE CARE!