Wednesday, May 09, 2007

BRYAN 老师的“睡美人“秘方!


你可以 --〉睡前1小时,吃10 到15 粒泡了10天的枸杞,再用一汤匙蜂蜜泡水喝

也可以--〉 早上喝。 (改善便秘,让皮肤更好!)

听众Nancy建议买 Dutchman Gold 品牌的raw honey Bee Propolis Honey 她说能提神!

2)红豆相思粥 (让自己皮肤变得红润!)

40克米及红豆+8粒红枣+1000CC 水, 煮成粥!

3) 20克胡桃(walnut) + 30克玉竹+栗子300克放入1锅水+排骨熬成汤! (可以健脾,改善消化系统,让你


别忘了讲座在6月初, 感兴趣的朋友可以 email : 免费Virgin Coconut Oil 礼物由BRYAN老师提供!


yap said...

Hi dear Yong Mei,
Good morning to u...
Your are a lovely DJ.
Sweet voice & sincere...

Your 10.00am to 2.00pm prog a lot of helpful tips to update a woman like me.
I'm working ladyage 43 with one kid age of 8 years old.
Spent most of my time to earn living & the most close one
With me is love 97.20 accompany me.

It make my day brighter.

Blog Yi blog it bring me to another area for it.
Long time I look for this.
I'm not good in network with limitation of time too.

With your lead I learn a lot...

From my bottom of heart.
"Thank you lovely DJ Yong Mei & MC KING , Bray & etc...

Thanks god to let me know 97.20 prog...

Your lovely lister on air,

Jb yap

Anonymous said...

May i know where can buy Dutchman Gold 品牌的raw honey Bee Propolis Honey? Thanks. yong Mei, without MC like abit "quiet" -- ahbee_me

SF said...

Hi Yongmei,

Some questions for you regarding these recipe.

Are these recipes suitable for people with high blood pressure and diabetes, cos there is honey involved which is sweet by nature, or can we just eat the 枸杞子 without the honey?

Thanks for all these beauty, health and wellness tips that you gave thru the broadcast, it's really interesting, only started to listen to your program recently with my mum, it's enjoyable...

Keep up the good work and best of luck for your exams

Bryan said...

sHi, all herbal soup and remedies i recommended are very natural, But if you re sick or have medical history, is important you seek a doctor's advice before you try.

If you wanna eat Gou Qi Zhi without honey, i suggest u just eat gou Qi Zhi daily.

The reason why we have honey, is to extract the medicine properties of gou qi zhi into honey.

Eating Gou QI zhi daily is more for norish ur kidney and for better energy and good eye sight. Also it has high antioxidant which beautify your skin.

Jas said...


The soaked Gou Qi Zi can be eaten without being boiled? (raw)

Can we spilt a bottle full of honey into a few bottle to soak the Gou Qi Zi, if a new bottle of honey will be too full to put abt 2 spoon of Gou Qi Zi.

Thanks, really enjoy the program

叶咏梅 said...

Juz asked bryan, he said some people are sensitive to bee propolis. so be careful. He said just pure honey will do, not exactly need manuka or special honey.

gouqi muz be tried when you throw them in your honey. to save time, you should put more gouqi in honey.

you got to start new honey bottle if you have finished eating all the gouqi.

Bryan said...

Gou Qi Zhi can be eaten raw, Hollywood star like Maddona eat this raw for anti againg,

only we all sometimes go buy expensive pcynogenol for antiagain, ironical right.... ahaha

so eat raw if u wan, but this method not for insomnia

kl said...

CHESTNET IS 马蹄. 很凉性的.

kl said...


you are correct. chestnut is 栗子
waterchestnut is 马蹄.

chris said...

hi bryan,

can i use manuka honey that i brought from NZ? can pregnant lady consume the product?


Anonymous said...

Dear Yong Mei,

I like your program very much. Especially you & MC King time, a lot of jokes & make the programe more interesting.Beside that I learn a lot knowledge regarding beauty tips. Coming soon I will transfer to KL & unable to hear your program. Anyhow " Jia You " .

Your loyalty listener,
H.S ( JB )

Anonymous said...

thank you yong mei, i tried the acupressure for eye bags, it helps to reduce my puffy eyes so quickly amazing.

thank you Bryan and Yong mei

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei i find Bryan's lao shi blog very informative. And i am looking forward to your programme everyday

Anonymous said...

Yong Mei can u tell us the date for Bryan lao shi workshop.

I am looking forward to come because i heard from my sister who attended his workshop at HDB was good.

Hope to attend. Because June i am going holiday.