Wednesday, May 09, 2007

最爱blog一blog - LATEST!!!

Sorry about the delay....

1) 伊能静

2) 苏有朋

3) 古天乐

4) 阿嬷去巴格达见闻录

5) 季芹(王仁甫太太) UPDATED May 10 --> 757am

OK, latest--> can't get in cos they need you to be member of yahoo.
1) You can sign in and become member to get in. its free.
2) go search 超愛樂樂的麻麻 to locate it.
sorry, i 4got search engine cannot cut and paste one.

6) 蔡淳佳

7)李倩蓉(前MTV VJ)

8) 蓝心湄



Anonymous said...

hi yong mei,

i got this message when i click on wang ren pu's wife blog.....Sorry the page cannot be displayed at the moment, please check your URL!

Anonymous said...

季芹 blog cant link... please check.. thanx.. ( ^ . ^ )

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei;
Kindly advice me with MC King blog.
Thank and Good luck with yr exams !

Michelle said...

Hi Yong Mei,

I read Louis Koo blog once a week. Cos he always have loads of pictures to post.

Joi Chua one is also not bad.

Anonymous said...

Cannot make enter Ji Qin blog. Please advice.

Anonymous said...

i posted yest on 季芹 blog.. after that then i found out that by highlighting e webbie and paste it on the webbie bar and enter.. then the webbie will come out.. e webbie cant link i think is due to the underline and e _ at the end of e addie..

^ g|se||e ^

( ^ . ^ )

::infinique:: said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...!iCfi9ZyVGRG6E_ZRwApudrZ_

This is the website for wang ren fu's wife! :) Enjoy..

Anonymous said...

hi yong mei, can get mcking's blog address from u pls? wan to take a look at his interesting photos... =)

Anonymous said...


cant find wuchun's blog. pls help

can said...

Hi Yong Mei,

Please put MC blog too. I can't find and when he say over the radio was to fast, not clear. Sorry MC, please speak slowly next time. (^_^)

Anonymous said...

hi yong mei,
Please put wu zun's blog.

Anonymous said...

mc blog ---

Anonymous said...

hi..wat is mcking blog again?plz and ty

MC said...

The following is my blog.

infact if u click the little blue "mc" u see also can go to my blog.

see u guys there

Anonymous said...

hi yong mei,

thx for all the info! enjoy reading yr blog! can you help me ask mc for yidali's blog? btw are they sister and brother? or are they couple?

thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Yongmei,

Can help me find singer SHE,Andy Lau blogs.Thank you very much.


Anonymous said...

where is 季芹's blog link?? i cannot find..

Anonymous said...

hi hi yong mei

thanks for your help i can see gu tian le liao thank you

fiona said...

Hi Yong Mei,
Can u plez help me find S.H.E's blog and singer Tank's blog?plez.By the way,thanx for giving us wuzun's blog.


Anonymous said...

you and co-host MC have done great. please keep it up.All the best.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei

Can you find 立威廉, Leon Jay Williams 's blog?


Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous above,

The address is
Do enjoy