Thursday, April 05, 2007

我型我show- 眉飞色舞!!

Any good eyebrow pencil or 眉粉to recommend?

i have used kose's 眉粉,recommended by andy lee。quite natural. but i'm currently using MAC 眉粉,one for eyebrow, one for highlight. MUZ BUY RIGHT EYEBROW BRUSH to get a nice shape.


Anonymous said...

yong mei, can you talk about how to keep the eye moisture. my eye is very very dry. i had tried many product but still no improvement. i like you program, but some topic are discuss to long , very *luo suo* exam:the topic *chu mao*

cammi said...

Hi Yongmei,

Recommend 1 eyebrow pencil very easy 2 draw, its fr Shu Urema, if u try it on your hand, nothing will be seen, it can only be drawn on your eyebrow, n u can c the way that they sharpen the pencil, its very different, this pencil is very gd.

Anonymous said...

hi Yongmei,

Heard that u said, u use a eyebrown shaver. What brand u use? Any recommendation?