Wednesday, April 11, 2007


He made me realised a lot of things, mostly TRUTHS. Motives behind people which i can't see thru or choose not to see. The truth is always hard to accept. But yet, they make you realise you can't be a fool forever, you have to move on despite getting hurt.

and yet...我对人的戒心还是不够强。I've treated a lot of so called "friends" as true buddies but yet the truth is that they think i'm easy to fool. sigh.....Juz gotta move on. I believe there are really true friends out there.

that's why i treasure friends who tell me the truth! really appreciate it!

THANX MC, Kevin Dejiang, Biyu and youfa!

(P/S: last sat morning, i suddenly have a thought, what if i die now, i was so afraid of death. So, to me, nothing is worst then not having a chance to live another day.)

enjoy MC's photos, hope he likes my gifts. Took time to choose! oh yah, I weekly featuring MC's house very soon. Do look out!


Anonymous said...

我很喜欢你和MC的配搭,很有默契。每次听到你们你的节目,我就会很开心。希望MC能够常常来!!Happy Birthday MC !!!


MC said...

谢谢梅子,谢谢所有听众。谢谢那些送我礼物还有蛋糕的朋友,谢谢大家。再谢谢aunty Irene 送我她亲手烘焙的生日蛋糕。



祝 安康 快乐


qh said...

Happy Birthday, MC.
All the best in your future endeavour and love life.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin

I think u will choose the 3rd one becoz she not talk so much 2day.Look like she is a very good girl.

Anonymous said...

i writing in not related to this topic, sorry.
i just want to know a song title i hear on 97.2FM.
the song is not sang in Chinese nor English, it in a another language that i can't understand,
in this song, a kid sings a question to his mom or dad, then the mom or dad will sing back the answer, i guess cos i can't understand.
please post the song title in this section if you know it, sorry i post a non-related comment, thanks for your time.


Anonymous said...

Hi yongmei, I still can't fing your blog blog.

Anonymous said...

Yong Mei,

i cant find the celebrity blog that u share on air, how do i find it in your blog? thank!


GaRFieLD said...

Hi MC,
Happy Belated Birthday...
Frankly speaking I dun use to like you.Sorry for being direct, But after listening to you on air wif YongMei, I felt u're a very direct person, which I like. Most ppl doesn't like ppl who tell the truth but on the other hand I feel these are the ppl whom we can read them like a book not like others who smiles in front of u, but behind u they're devils! Am also very direct & outspoken, my happiness & sadness is often shown on my face,(but not my problems) everyone can read me very clearly! hahahaha

Hi Tian,
The song title is 吉祥三宝。
Is a Mongolian song...

Dear YongMei,
Dun be so blue... U sounded so blue in your post. Sayang you ok..
Can understand very well what u mean, cos I am also such victims before... End of the day, you'll find, there's still a couple of true frenz ard u. 知己不需要多,一个可取代万。。。

Steph (Garfield) ^^

小丸子 said...

sob sob...wat abt me? i'm not your true fren?

Mi Qi said...

Hapi Birthday to MC!May all wishes come true!

Anonymous said...

i hv clicked on a few of your archive but still cant find the blog u shared on air, and i m not the only one that cant find it, can u make it more simple for us pls..... can it be just on first page when we click on your blog or if not pls give us the detailed step by step instruction to go there to save us the time n trouble, tks


Babybaby said...

hi :)

i really enjoy your sharing of all kind of things under the sun :) left prisons dept for 9months, you've been a great company all this while...(didnt know chinese programme can be that good !) Bravo ! keep it up !

i need Ms Mok blogger leh ?


Anonymous said...

Hi MC,
Happy birthday! I love listening to you on radio. You are very natural, spontaneous and you are funny without trying to be so. You and Yong mei make a great pair in hosting. Keep it up, both of you.


Anonymous said...


choose the archieve dated mar1-Apr1,07 the date is March 29, 2007,
schroll down u will be able to see it.

Jacqueline Teo

Anonymous said...

wow lao!

Anonymous said...

原天下有情人终成为眷属,此前天注定事; 却莫错过这美满良缘。错过了就要等来世了!

MC said...




Anonymous said...

Hi MC and Yongmei,
Happy Bday to you MC da ge!!=D
Hope all your wishes will come true and all the best!
And yongmei,thanks for your support and everthing you have done!=)
Really hope that my participation will not ruin your new program..=p

Anonymous said...

哎呀! 够了啦, bird day 60 岁过后才来大大庆祝。

LiMei said...

Happy Birthday to MC and may all ur wishes come true ,happiness always.......

Anonymous said...




祝福KEVIN,DEON 及未来上"男生女生配"的男女生们能早日找到心仪的对象!



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday MC. Hope to hear you on air soon.


kevin said...

Have A Blessed Birthday Today & Days & Years Ahead...
Such a privileged & honor to see, chat with you during the 男生女生配program. U r such a nice man to talk to...

Kevin :)

MC said...

thanks thanks ... wat can I say beside THANKS ....

hahaha ...

will be back on air soon


RayTan said...

Hallo Yong Mei n MC king
I like to listen to both of u.
Btw belated HB to u MC

Regards RayTan

Hippo said...

i am kelvin 20 i listen to 97.2 everyday from 11am til 11pm deal to my work... Mc reall make me smile like a crazy person... as the past few month my life there is colour in it but now its jus black and white.... i have jus break off wit my gf i reall don noe wat to don i am sick of all tis... wat can i don any one plz tell me wat to don help me pls...