Friday, April 13, 2007

Blogger Friends...PLEASE HEAR ME OUT!

okie, this is not the last episode of 男生女生配!so of course, there will be other contestants coming up. so, i hope when i put woman in 40s, you won't criticise her as 旧货.我不觉得年纪大还没结婚的人就不幸福了。有些人很多人追,很有魅力但又怎么样?你以为他们幸福吗?经历太多感情绝对不是好事。给我选择,如果第一个 男友可以带给我幸福,我就是世界上最幸运的女人了。比中TOTO还幸运。因为我不需要失恋那么多次,不需要为一段爱情付出代价才认清一个人的目的。不需要 浪费时间在错的人的身上。有时失恋的伤痛期比谈恋爱还长。经历过爱情沧桑的人比没有经历的人老得快。真的。感谢参加男生女生配的所有朋友,真的不容易! but i guess, you are one step closer to happiness. 我不会删除任何负面的留言,因为连莫小玲都被“shoot"何况是我们。但,我们受得了,不是每个人受得了的。so, be kind.

and 我的最爱blog 一blog,老板说不怎么样。所以我很开心有一些反应。我会在周末把blog一blog的内容“移居”到最上面,这样大家就一目了然,okie? that's the best i can do, but have patience, i am rushing two tutorials, final ones before exams in May.

其实现在我不是很好,有些事情还不方便在这里交 待。我是“内伤”,但真的,有些人更病得不轻。用一个谎言盖另一个谎言,一个故事比一个故事说得精彩委婉。 他们可能可以骗一些单纯对他们好的人,但他们的人生的一切都是编造出来的假象。我们以为他们很真,其实他们假得很真。象仿冒Rolex一样。其实,我可怜 他们多过于可怜自己。可怜他们不珍惜真正对他们好的人。人心难测,你也有同感吧。哈哈!

好了,要收拾心情上班了。今晚不醉不归!哈哈,我 都不能喝酒。如果你有空,希望能在Clarke Quay Cannery BarFly见到你。7.30pm to 930pm. 四点半我会开始学习调酒。一杯酒$15。全数捐给彩虹中心及护理中心。我调的酒是Sexy Eyes! 933志勇也会来!




Anonymous said...


Take Care!


amy said...

Hi Yong Mei,

Jia you! Life is like that, no matter what you do, there is someone at the other end trying to put you down (to make themselves feel better?). So sometimes, I will Ah Q a bit, if that makes that person happier (at my expenses) than I've done another 'good deed'. Just let it be as long as I've done no wrong. Like you, I've 2 TMAs to do before exam. So be happy as long as you have put in your best effort. Best Wishes for everyone.

Anonymous said...

YongMei,Cheer Up!Gd dae!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Yong Mei,

Maybe u can elaborate more on the 'hypocrites'.. Me very 'ba1 gua4', haha!

Keep up the good work and good luck for tonite!


Anonymous said...

Yong Mei,

Totally agreed. Hurt b4 and till todate hvt recover...

Anonymous said...

Jus posted a very blue post to my blog, den saw yours... only thing I can say is Haiz...
Anw, life has to go on...
Oh, how I wish I cud go Cannery tis evening, but too bad, am hvg my dancing class...
Should hava taken a pix with you & my daughter the other day... Nvm, next time, if there's chance.
Hava a beautiful day! ^^

Steph (garfield)

kevin said...

Hey 咏梅,
加油,Move forward, there are more better things awaiting ahead for you.. From our conversation, You are a strong woman also & 很看得开 when things happened.
雨过天晴了,明天会更好.. “生命没Take 2, 请好好演绎."

Kevin (",)

acmigan said...

Yongmei, Jia you. Best wishes.


SleepyLeo said...

Yong Mei, you are right! Lots of people can't understand us and keep putting all sorts of bad remarks on us. But who cares? I rather pick a right matching bf than ended regret and divorced after marriage. We can't just pick any people and get married b'cos of age restriction. I think it's impt to find someone we can understand and accept each other imperfect character...

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,

深有同感, 都不懂珍惜真正对他们好的人.....


Anonymous said...

Always support you..

Anonymous said...

no matter who the next client, will end up "shoot" de..

Pretty girl will be critcise as "so pretty and young, sure can find guy.. Cant wait for guy, want to get marry so fast ar...Pretty so wan to show off"

Ugly girl will be critcise as, "aiya, so ugly and old, thats why still single la, plss dun watse on air time.."

guy in 40s will be criticise as, "He must be very hua xin"

thats life... It is impossible to please everyone...
i suggest not to put ur client (esp girl) photo.

all the best

Anonymous said...


I 100% agree with u what wrote.LOVE U forever.......................& Yong Mei don't give up 'jia yu'


叶咏梅 said...

i was thinking if i dun put pictures will anyone participate? will they still say, he muz be ugly that's why dun dare to put pictures. you understand how tough it is to be in the limelight? But i didn't expect this. Thought at most people are curious about how they look like that's all.

karen said...

Hi Yong Mei

Love listening to your programs.

Tried to call in for the pass 2 days but could get thru.



karen said...

Hi Yong Mei

Are you still at the topic of headache. Like to share one of the remedy.

My husband had headache SO OFTEN that taking panadols was like taking vitamins. Till he went to the dentist at A M Kio for a regular checkup. The dentist notice of his overbite that leads to his headache, snorring, stiffneck,... He recommended treatment for his overbite which is something like 'makeover'

After treatment, truly the above problem has disappeared.

Headache - only occassionally

Snorring - used to be very loud but now is soft and none at times. That mean both of us has quality sleep.

Stiffneck - no more since.

A* for your program. GO GO JIA YOU!


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Anonymous said...

hmm.. interesting thoughts )