Thursday, November 02, 2006


1) 鹅蛋型 - 最标准的脸型,适合各种领型.

2) 圆形脸 - 适合V字,U型领的衣服,让脸型看起来更瘦长.

3) 长形脸 - 适合高领的衣服,避免方型领,U型领容易造成横向扩张

4) 菱形脸 - 适合圆领,高领衣服,避免方型,U型等有角度的领口.

5) 方形脸 - 适合V领,低圆领,避免方领或有角度领型.

6) 倒三角 - 适合圆领,避免方型,V型及U型等有角度的领口.


Anonymous said...

Hi yongmei, thanks for your effort to put this in your blog. This morning, both my husband and I were listenting but you know lah, sometimes when working, we would not be able to catch everything you said. Good thing you put it here. My husband said you are so efficient, so fast post this up.

cheers, cheesecake

Anonymous said...

hey, Yongmei..
your proggramme is fantastic! my collegues say tat you are fantastic..i've a that can you email me all the dj's blog address to and pls and are the best hope you can help me with the favour..when i n my other collegue receive your email, i'll imform you okay?
thks, with regards,
Keep it up, thks for helping me w the favour.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yongmei, I hope that you will be able to put all the household tips (Jia Shi Da Ren)into your blog as I find it very useful.

All the best, Ms Chua

Ah Bird said...

Hiya Yongmei,
I like to know abt the "Jia Shi Da Ren" too. Actually I miss that prog very much ..... ... making my mind think I N G .....!

叶咏梅 said...

i put all jia shi da ren in previous posts ah!

anyway, fenying 3 pm programme also about jiashi. quite funny.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yongmei, after looking at your blog, I feel that it was so interesting. Please keep it up and I will looking forward to your blog again.

Have a nice working day!

Warm Regards,