Monday, October 30, 2006

The day has finally come!

And my baby is going to be born soon.

Hope "she" will be loved by all of you!


I mean my new programme is going to start, it's a combination of lots of people's efforts!

i have to thank福禄寿for their great advice, kevin for sharing his language friends with me (there'll be a language segment in which everyday, we learn a foreign language), my chiken for being patient with mummy (haven't played for her for a while), my lover (haha!) and my boss for giving me ideas for names of programmes and last but not least i have to thank you for your support and listeners who agreed to come to our programme!

Please give me your comments as and when you feel like. If it's too boring, say why, if it's too interesting, say why too. (haha)

my new programme called最爱掌门人。


1)我型我show (除了美容和化妆贴士之外还会教大家怎么穿才会突出你的优点,掩盖你的缺点!〕

2〕早知道,早健康 (教你如何自我检查身体状况,还有苏心荃医生会解答关于心理病的误解。欢迎留言,如果你想知道你的行为正不正常。〕

3)天生赢家 (这个星期专访来来牛肉面的年轻老板娘,她创业的故事好奇妙,她结婚的时候并没有邀请老爸出席,为什么呢?她老爸对她的创业起着举足轻重的影响。〕

4〕最爱福禄寿 (你很快会认识他们,他们能帮你解决跟工作和生意低潮有关的问题。email me with your problems, the rest is up to them! )

5)奇男怪女 (call in and talk about love topics, please leave your topics in the segment below. NEED REAL TOPICS to be interesting!)

6) 幸福快一点 (every week, an artiste will share his/her love life and stories with us.)

7) 简单学,快乐说 (学外语,mon-japanese, tues-shanghainese, wed-thai, thurs-korean, fri-french!!!

(1, 2, 4, 5你都可以参与!〕

大家一起互动吧!meanwhile, enjoy the programme!

lots of love from chiken and mama!!

see ya on air!


Anonymous said...

Your new born baby is not charming at all. I will say it's no eductional and very boring. Hope you will come out with something interesting just like before.


Ah Bird said...

Yes... bird also think that way!!!! your last educational topics making me turned louder.

poolfans said...

why u all give so discourage comment.. Yong mei must be very disappointed. I nv catch whole programme today, but i thou it is more or less same to the last one. Not much changes..

gotta to say 4hrs compare to 3hrs, u have to come up w new topic which is not easy.

yongmei, JIAYOU...

Anonymous said...

Ya,poolfans are right.

Todays programme was interesting.

Yongmei, no worry, I'll back you up.

Donald The LOL™ Master ^_^ said...

Yong Mei! My mom praised you that u did well todae!!! In the new season of changing person!

My mother wish you can tok more about jokes, ghost stories, and some programme about listen to radiofans problems and solve with them.

Donald The LOL™ Master ^_^ said...

My mother and I will continue support Love972 FM!!!

Anonymous said...

well i haven't heard ur segments yet... having my university exams while u were broadcasting today c",)

but i think from ur blog introduction it should be very interesting..... hee hee.. tommorow i be LISTENING!!! Jia You okay?

don't bother about what these negative people say...if they are so good why don't they give some constructive critism rather then just make "noise" and waste the blog space replies

i believe that there are so many many people out there and it is difficult to make everyone happy.

As long as there are listeners like us who likes ur program and appreciate all the sincerity in arranging these segments. I think everything else about all these negative comment does not matter anymore coz they are not constructive at all

叶咏梅 said...

it's okie. after all these years in broadcasting, i'm used to that already.

radio is personal choice. if you dun like, dun listen. if nothing in the prg interests you, then i can only say we are of different frequency lor.

really, i'm being frank. i dun listen to programmes i dun like too!

i respect every blogger's right to leave your personal comments here, whether it's good or bad.

thanx for your views and yes, i know i have a long way to go.

might not be long too. haha!

DJ Kevin said...

Nowadays being a DJ is like putting yourself on a chopping table...

Let people chop chop chop.. hahahah

It takes some time to get use to the programmes. Not only listeners, even DJs also need some time to get use to the programme timing.

SO hoh.. i wish tat before you all CHOP up the meat, admire and see it a bit first la. Maybe its nice after admiring for a while and you wun wanna CHOP CHOP CHOP liow. hahah...

Then again if you decide to CHOP.. then CHOP loh. This piece of meat is more easy to CHOP.

Anonymous said...

Well done!I love the idea of FuLuShou,sound unqiue for a lunch programme like urs!Like the way ,U and Jerry pair up,he you Mo Qi!Kp it up!Sound interesting dat we can learn many languages thru ur programme,U got great ideas!Like all the sounds dat U hv created!althrough Jerry dun seemed like it!
anyway,dat's the way U R ,ya!dear1

Anonymous said...

Hi yongmei, I love the topics of your new programes and I find you most suitable to appear in this timing. Hope you can add on more health topics, eg. healthy food & drinks receipe, exercise tips, slimming tips ....

cheers, cheesecake

Anonymous said...

Your "learn foreign language" is sweet but too short. Appreciate it if you can add a few more phrases to learn each day.

mogu said...

the "learn foreign language" prog can teach cantonese? i know its a dialect lah.. but cantonese quite useful ah..anyw ur prog is interesting :)

Anonymous said...

HI Yong mei,

I have been listening to your new programmes these two days, truly speaking, i don't find it interesting... hm.. sorry to say that but perhaps i expected too much lor. When i read the programme titles and browse a bit the introduction, i found that they are very educational and interesting, but.. somehow after heard your programmes... I am kind of dissapointed.

My opinion is... the problem didn't lie on your program, but the way of your hosting. I can tell that 你不是个很在乎别人看法的人,无论别人如何夸奖或批评你,你都能坦然地接受吧。 但身为一名艺人,尤其是广播员,你不能说观众喜欢就听,不喜欢就不听吧, 即使你不靠这行吃饭,也得为你们电台的利益着想吧。


叶咏梅 said...

thanx Anonymous for leaving msgs again. ;)

duno why, you really sound like someone who used to do broadcasting! haha.

anyway, if you try taking a cab, you will understand what i mean. Even cabbie drivers are switching stations every now and then.

Loyal listeners? yes, they do exist but very hard to find now.

I used to be a loyal listener listening everynite to a dj. but that was when i was still studying.

Now people have more choices. Internet, mp3, tv, cable, dvds, xbox.....etc. Radio is one of the media.

They did care if programmes has educational values or not, as long as it's funny and entertaining, even juz purely laughters, it's relaxing.

It's same as HONG KONG. Hongkong djs laugh all the way throughout their programme be it funny or not. and listenership is high.

People are tempted to change in this era. They dun stick to a brand of shampoo or even food for long. This applies to broadcasting too. what i can attempt to do is to try my best to create at least one segment that you're interested.

So, when i say, if you are not interested, it's alright to switch. This doesn't mean i dun care about the station or listenership but no one can control listeners ever changing habits. Can you?

Producing my segments are tiring, not rewarding to you but very satisfying to me and my speakers. :)

enjoy while you can, if you want to!

poolfans said...

dun worry, yong mei...there are loyal listener around, i am one... i like ur programme being educational. 富有思考空间。

i can feel that it is not easy...
good work... all the best...

Anonymous said...

I used to be your loyal listener. After listening to your first day prog, felt a bit dissapointed. I gave my opinion. Loging to your blog on the third day, read your reply. " radion is personal choice, if you dun like, dun listen...." THEN WHAT IS THIS BLOG FOR? If you can't listen to listeners' comments and opinions, it is a kind of wasting the listeners' time to leave msgs here.


Anonymous said...

After reading all the msgs here and listen to your prog again, seems like you can only accept good comments and not opinions.

Anyway... good luck to you huh


qi said...

詠 梅,

新 的 事 物, 每 個 人 接 受 的 程 度 都 不 一 樣。 所 以 你 也 別 太 在 意 了, 你 的 付 出, 大 家 都 感 覺 得 到, 我 也 蠻 喜 歡 你 的 新 節 目。 加 油!

發 表 言 論 者 用 溫 婉 的 批 評 表 達 意 見, 我 想 被 批 評 者 都 會 樂 意 虛 心 接 受 的, 不 一 定 要 用 強 烈 的 措 詞, 這 也 是 一 種 成 長 吧!

Anonymous said...

HI Yong mei,

Thanks for your reply. Glad to see that you took the comments positively. In fact, you are a very creative and funny DJ, really, i love to hear your 预告/宣传短片(Sorry, i don't know how to call that, something like adv, etc..), your programmes are quite interesting too.

As i mentioned about your way of hosting... 其实,并不是说你主持节目时, 不够认真或什么, 只是可能你可以在主持一些比较“感性”(如:奇男怪女)的节目时, 你可以比较“感性”“认真”的态度, 说或念出当事人的故事吧。试想,当事人也可能在听你的节目,他们遇到了感情问题,或许心情已很差,他们希望能透过你的节目,得到一些真诚的意见或帮助。但,有时我听到你在回应或说出你的想法时, 你的语气太轻松了。 有点像“反正事情不是发身在我身上”的感觉。是,你时发表了自己的意见和看法,但。。 Just one word, try to be EMPATHIZE lar.

Overall, your programme is still interesting and creative. I will keep listening to your programme one oh, Way to go!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi yongmei, today's topic about the PH balance and vinegar is very educational. Hope to listen more of these type of natural remedy for health and skincare.

I personally feel shanghai can be removed and I agree to add in Bahasa Malay. It is a language we are surrounded with and can be very useful.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to mention my nick is cheesecake for the above comment :-)

Anonymous said...

Sori, it took me two days to finally put this down. Last fri, I bet with my hubby that you will be the host for the segment that Billy used to host. (p/s: of cuz I won lah because i pray hard hard). After listening to your Mon's programme, I can't helped but 'rattle' in the car to my hubby how good your programme are. (p/s: yes i pissed him off totally as you guessed). You may not have scored 100% listener's support but not giving room for you to improve, also cannot be. Eh, you can jot down all the feedback, absorb all the 'poison'. I believe you will finally emerge better .... a shiny star (p/s: can blind my eyes if you want. hahahahaha). At the meantime, I will continue to support you while hiding at my cubicle (not toilet one, is office) to listen to your programe (MMHITC)

叶咏梅 said...

ms/mr anonymous,

sigh, i really duno what to say. whatever i say, you will say i didn't consider listeners opinions, that i only listen to good things. sigh...

Frankly speaking if i dun care i won't include this segment, if i dun care, i wouldn't even bothered to reply. if i dun care i won't be deeply affected by what you and others say by doubting my capabilities and feeling extremely down yesterday. Kevin is right, i am an easy piece of meat to chop cos i'm not a confident person.

When you say my prog is not educational and VERY boring, you didn't say what is educational and NOT BORING to you? what's interesting to you might not be interesting to some other people. what's interesting to me might not be interesting to other listeners too.

If you say my voice is boring i can make it more energetic, if you say my speakers are saying nonsense, i can change speakers. But what is boring.

When u like someone, whatever he does you won't find boring. If you dun like him, even if he brings you to a fantastic restaurant for a superb meal, you will find him boring.

Thats what i figure out.

Yes, my baby might be ugly to you but as the mummy of the baby, i must be confident and be proud of my baby. that's what i'm going to do now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,

Don't be too discouraged. Everyone needs time to adapt to new things. Just try not to think too much.

I am sure you have planned your programme for this week. Go ahead with it first. Don't let our comments shaken your initial ideas.

I believe you have created these new programmes after killing your many brain cells. These are all your efforts!!

Maybe because we are too comfortable with your past programme and enjoy it very much so still can't adapt to your new ones.

Get some professional comments from your colleagues. I think it will help you..

Jia You!...ling

Anonymous said...

yong mei,

Didn't want to upsad you nor hurt you. If you really feel that, I am sorry.
I am just giving you what i have felt after listening to your first day prog, but very sad about your reply.
Have been listening to 97.2 for more than 5 years, from mon - fri(don't know weather qualify for loyal listener or not?)have never call in nor e-mail, you are the first dj that i have given comment and yet get this type of reply, sigh....
I don't like violet(sorry ya violet), but i found that her new prog is interesting and eductional although she acts like stupid and crazy(sorry again violet), so disagree with what you have figured out.
I don't how to sweet talk just like others and question ppl why giving discounrage comments. if you guys don't like my comments, i will stop here.

Thanks for spending time to read all.

Anonymous said...

Yong Mei, jia you, dont get dishearten and fall to trap. Everything has its 2 side. Left or right, right or wrong is very judgemental. Agreed, when someone likes you, which side you take its ok. If someone dislikes you, which side you take is not ok.
Importantly, yourside, management sees and appreciate your genunine effort and hard work. As long as you are comfortable, be your self. Sure your loyal listeners will support you are the way through. Why act on pretence to please the negative thinking listener. How suffering! Dont let negative
cristism bomb you down.One man's meat is another's man poison. Meat is not for chopping, its that they are vegan!
Hope to hear your laughter again. Be another Violet with the he he ha ha.

Cheers & Rgds
Mrs Chew

Anonymous said...

Dear 1/11/06 4.50pm anonymous. Think you are out to "kill" 972 dj. Constructive and position comment is good, why criticse one after another? Be more humble and less sinful with your words! How could you be calling Violet - stupid and crazy. On what ground you pass such remark. Please understand what is radio media - entertainment and fun. So serious, tune in the CNN news.
FM97.2 DJS - stay in unity and do your part, ignore the not aware self-crazy people

Anonymous said...

Um, let's keep this space free of 'personal' attack, can? I really don't wish to see so much 'killings' around (like other msg boards, etc.). Its not encouraging to Yong Mei for opening this space for us. We together give constructive feedback and support okay? Call me soft heart lah, I am a woman (world peace! - V sign!) MMHITC

Anonymous said...

Hi yongmei, I would like to suggest in 最爱福禄寿, can include topics about pre-teens and teens's 心理问题, thier thinking and how to solve some problems we, as parents are facing with these kids. Basically about age 10 to age 16. Thanks

cheeers, cheesecake

Anonymous said...

Hi, Yong Mei,
you think you can post other dj's blog address in your blog?

Anonymous said...

Like to know if Hong Yu has worked as RJ from FM 958. His voice sounds familiar

Anonymous said...

notice FM97.2 don't quite encourage sms, more on phone calls, fax & blogging. May I know the station sms no. coz sometime on the move like to express view but don't like to call in (shy lah).

glupy said...

i just tuned in since mid nov, find that your programme is very interesting and got some tips on how to make myself more beautiful !! hee...hee....