Friday, October 27, 2006






lc said...

Hi Yongmei

I agree with you wholeheartedly that your chicken is irreplaceable!

My girl have a mouse (soft toy) since her toddler's time and it has act as her security item.

Although this item has gone through some many washes & stitchings, she still refuse to discard it.

Although these years, I have got her a few other soft toys hoping to have the mouse replace but when she cannot find it, she will turn hysterical and lost sleeps over its disappearance.

By now, she has adopted a few 'siblings' (which she called all those toys I bought) but end of the day or even during all our oversea trips, this mouse will be there with her when she goes to bed.

I am still searching for a replacement for it but no avail.

So just let's nature takes its course, lah.

Good luck in all your endeavour.

sotong said...

I have a really really close frenz now.

He's an Indian.
I'm a chinese.

I am afraid to let my feelings flow....trying hard to control and giving him cold shoulders ocassionally.

I know for sure my traditional family won't accept him just becos of his race.

If you know.....people from the older generation are mostly even exist till now.

Somehow I'm the confused one.
I know his intentions...
I am fully aware...

But I dunno myself...

Is he a frenz to me?
Is he a good frenz to me?
Is he a future husband-to-be?

Oh man.....I'm mad at myself....

And...I really really really dun wanna drag on anymore.

And ya..he's an educated man...holding a mgr post.
Also, with a traditional family.

aqilgqqi said...

詠 梅,

這 名 字 的 確 是TYPO ERROR, 不 過 也 沒 關 系 啦, 將 錯 就 錯 吧! 聽 起 來 也 蠻 特 別 的。
很 高 興 聽 到 你 的 回 應 關 于 外 遇 的 問 題 與 男 聽 眾 們 的 看 法, 讓 我 更 了 解 男 人 的 想 法。
人 家 說 女 人 心, 海 底 針。 我 想 男 人心, 也 是 海 底 針。
希 望 男 人 們 能 夠 多 表 達 自 己 的 想 法, 不 要 再 讓 女 人 去 猜, 是 很 累 的。

祝 福 你。

謝 謝!

Anonymous said...

sotong, follow ur heart.. no worry..


Anonymous said...

Hi yong mei,

I hv a boyfrd who hv been with me for 2 years le..n recently i jus find out tat i'm pregnant. dont get shock by my age, me tis year 15 yr old only. my mum knew everyting liaox...

I hate these days as i cant go back for lesson.

actually me n my boyfrd hv discuss about this matter.... n... i hv plan to abort this baby but my mum n my boyfrd is stopping me from aborting the baby..

my boyfrd's family oso know abt this matter le, his parent decide to come over to my place to discuss this matter... they wan us to get married.. my boyfrd this year only 17.. how could he manage to start a family nw?

my boyfrd hv told me to deliver the baby n not to abort.. hE intend to quit school n start working.. he wants to marry me but i wanna continue studY.... :'(

I'm very confuse nw.. I wish to keep the baby coz me n my boyfrd loves baby.. but i would wish to complete my education 1st..

"Paritas Ling"

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei

It's interesting that we could communicate here. Just suit our new IT generation.

I saw Paritas Ling's msg. I would like to say:

I am happy to hear her parents, boyfriend and his parents agreed to their marriage.

since she has supportive families from both sides, she should get married and keep the baby.

BUT it is important that SHE's & BOYFRIEND's thinking be mature.

Must treat this marriage seriously NOT GAME.
MUST NEVER SAY DIVORCE even they face hardships.
Must put their "Teenage & Hao Wan" lifestyles aside for the time being till their baby is 2 to 3 years old.

If they adopt mature thinking, this objective will keep them going & help them treasure each other and their loved ones.

*They created and brought their child to this world, so must be responsible.*

If their parents can give them financial support, her boyfriend should COMPLETE HIS STUDIES in order to survive in future (to support himself, his baby and wife-to-be). With better education, he can bring better bread home.

2)She is really very young. Can't abandon her studies too. Since she wants to study:

Option A:
Seek approval from school to continue her studies and take her exams like others do.
(She may face gossip, but must be brave)

Option B:
If A can't be done, than continue her studies after she give birth.

This may be a "God Sent child" and "destiny marriage" made for both of them. Although they may have to go through many many hardships, but they may enjoy future happiness. Also depends very much on both of them and their parents to build happiness together.

I am one good successful example.
I was found pregnant when I was 17 (after taking 'O' levels).

Yes, I have supportive families and responsible hubby. My mum-in-law help take care of my child while I study and work.

After confinement, i (was 18yrs old) continued my studies at ITE for a year course before starting work (when I was 19yrs old).

Yes, my parents and his parents support my hubby's studies in poly. Of course, I also took part to support too) Then he sign on to air-force.

I took part-time courses while working. Now, our child is 6 years old.

We are leading happy life now worrying our child's education and upbringing.

My Hubby and me are 24 this year. I think we are successful becos both my hubby and my thinkings are mature. And we are not those who love night lifestyles type. We are traditional in some areas, and fashinable in some areas.

Deep in me, I appreciates this destiny route made for me.

You are both very very young so seek yours and his parents's opinions. They will be able to guide you. Learn to appreciate your parents. They are the only people there to help you when you are in deep trouble.

All the best!...ling

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei,

I got this worry for Paritas Ling. Is her case regarded as a underage one? If yes, then they may face some legal issue.

Paritas Ling, please don get frighten and do silly things when you see me post this problem, there is always a solution to a problem....ling

DSJ said...

Im 27yr old lady, married for 7yrs n have 2 kids with my husband. Recently, I got back with my ex BF. I know this is wrong, but I cant control myself...
All these married yrs, I find tat my husband don seem to care n concern about me. When I was pregnent, he never tried to understand n give in to me. He don even hug or kiss me,(unless he wans sex)!
Sometimes I feel my feelings for him has died, cause when I was pregnant n after giving birth to baby, I was blue, n kept crying everynight. He didnt care, n just sleeps himself. I never gotten his shoulders to cry on, no words of encouragement n watsoever from him b4. While in comfinement period, he didn't wan help put at home although he still on leave. No confinement nanny or mothers to help. I was left to fend for myself.
I really hate him for doing all these to me, n I told him I wanna divorce b4. He just shrugged n say there was no problem in our relationship. How can I let him know wat Im going through? I tried telling him tat I need him to love n care for me, he agrees but never do anything to improve anything.
I know Im wrong to start another relationship b4 my marriage ends. But Im a woman, I need care n concern, I cant go on feeling so neglected n yet have to take care of the family without having moral support.
Meantime, I just wish he would allow me to go out n work. I really wanna do smthing for myself, not to live my life fo them only.

叶咏梅 said...

dsj, will talk about your problem on thurs 12 noon can?

Tdy i've got a fax to reply.

And Paritas, as your case is really an underaged case, despite both hongyou and me liked so much to discuss your topic on air, there are a lot of moral stuff which we can't agree but can't say on air. hope you understand.

Used to hear from this lady when i was doing the Pregnant before marriage topic. she was a student then. Both parents agree to take care of the kid so that she and her young hubby can concentrate on studies. And you know what? they are still together and loving!

sometimes we despise woman (especially) for getting pregnant b4 marriage. but ever since i did this topic on air, i found that you can find happiness in such incidents too. she is preparing to be a grandma now! haha! If both of you want to stay together and build a happy family, nothing is impossible. Family support is important, who knows this could be a door to your future happiness!

You muz be strong if you intend to have a baby! During pregnancy, you need to have positive outlook otherwise, the baby will fall sick easily.

Happy thoughts! Everyone lead a life different from others, it's YOUR LIFE! No one is sure what will happen when they make a move in life, we juz go with the flow and try to make it a better one before we close our eyes and leave the world.

I wanna live a life with no regrets, how about you?

Good luck to you Paritas and we support your decision! juz let us know you are ok!

叶咏梅 said...


we'll discuss your problems 2moro on air.

Anonymous said...

Hi yong mei,

Me Paritas here.. I can understand tat u cant speak out anything on air juz like tat.. it's okie..I'm glad tat u'll support me of whichever decision i made..

Me n my future hubby hv decide to get married nex month.. We decide to keep the baby le.. I wanna bring my child to tis world..

Anonymous said...

Paritas, I am also pregnant before I finish school, but most importantly you must be able to adapt to a lot of things. You will not be able to enjoy things that teenagers are doing now and you have to be very committed to the family. Hope that you will be able to think about it before making any major decision.

Well I will mentally support you and all the best to you.


Anonymous said...

yong mei..

i really tink dsj shd not divorce for the sake of the 2 children.. n his husband is abit too much.. but i sugegest dsj to look aft the 2 children n bring them up.. Hope the 2 children will XIAO SHUN u next time..

wen ling

Anonymous said...

Hi Paritas

Great to hear from you again.
All the best! Hope you will be able to go through all obstacles smoothly and build happiness with your loved ones.
Do treasure the love showered on you & hubby-to-be by your parents and of cos your future in-laws!
Jia you O....ling

dsj said...

Hi Yongmei,
i wasn't online for the past wk n had missed ur msg. Thanks for bringing it on air for a discussion. but too bad I missed the program, *sobs*
may i know the exact time n date for this program? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Yongmei

TING said...

詠 梅 和 宏 佑,

你 們 好。

離 婚 是 一 件 很 痛 苦 及 無 奈 的 事, 誰 也 不 想 走 到 這 一 步。 可 是 苦 苦 的 挽 留 已 變 質 的 婚 姻 只 會 讓 自 己 更 痛 苦 下 去, 我 也 只 能 無 奈 的 放 下, 那 一 刻, 覺 得 比 較 有 尊 嚴, 不 用 再 委 曲 求 全 了。

有 經 驗 的 朋 友, 是 否 可 以 告 訴 我, 離 婚 之 后 一 個 人 是 如 何 帶 着 孩 子 一 路 走 過 來 的? 他 們 的 感 想 是 什 么?

詠 梅, 因 為 工 作 的 關 系, 只 能 在 星 期 二, 三 和 五 收 聽 你 的 節 目, 真 是 報 謙。 很 喜 歡 你 的 節 目 讓 我 們 有 一 個 空 間 抒 發 情 感。

宏 佑, 很 喜 歡 聽 你 發 表 你 的 淺 見 , 讓 我 了 解 到 男 人 和 女 人 在 面 對 同 一 個 問 題, 卻 有 完 全 不 同 的 看 法, 體 會 到 看 問 題 要 從 不 同 的 角 度 看。

謝 謝 你 們 的 聆 聽。

謝 謝!