Tuesday, November 08, 2005

script reading yesterday....

script reading means going through the script and ensuring the timing is OK, the sentences drafted is ok. Before each episode, we need at least an hour and a half of script reading, followed by rehearsal and then the live programme.

ahong will be having his golden mike celebration this sat 12 noon. and you know what? our praying ceremony starts 12 noon too! guess i've to be there at 12 noon then rush back. see how lah.

haven't started memorising my script. anyway, it's very little lah. haha. ahong even asked me to tell them i dun need to be there early cos there's not much for me to say.haha. very funny.

well, it's my first live prg, i think the producer (he said he is trying to hack my blog! bo liao right?) and exec producer and the team are most anxious than me. well, my chiken will calm me down.

talking about my chiken....(who else to talk about since my partner is away). He sms me that he bought something for my "IRRITATING CHIKEN". i asked him is it a CHOPPING KNIFE, POISON, BLENDER or what? he replied "ITS XO SAUCE caused "CHIKEN" taste better with it!" idiot right?

anyway, chiken looking 4ward to the gift. her eyes BIG BIG ONE.


Cruz said...

Good luck babe =)

Jesline26 said...

stay calm ,dun be nervous ..be careful of ur posture when u stand ..btw who's the first star to sing for the show?

Anonymous said...

I believe is ah du? YM jia you..chiken is really cute..lol~