Friday, November 04, 2005

my final weekend before puwei....

sounds as if it's my only chance to enjoy life! yup! from next week onwards, i'll have no weekend until 16th jan 2006. well, luckily the entire puwei filming crew and hosts are super friendly and funny people. so, it's not that bad after all.

my lover is in hongkong now. was thinking of flying over there to surprise him. but.....he is SOOO busy right now. (dun even have time to sms me...sob sob...)i'll have to entertain myself. so, i decide to stay in singapore, catch a couple of movies, have dinner with my mum and clear my outdated magazines and most importantly, BEAUTY SLEEP. i kept having nightmares recently. yesterday dreamt of scary....

8 days more to hairstylist asked if i'm anxious. well, i just hope i won't fall or break one of the 48 boxes while trying to push open. i'll try to be elegant...

as if....haha


Jesline26 said...

dont be too nervous when u go on tv that day before u go just chant nam myo ho ren gekyo .. it will help u to face the stage bravely ..
try try lah..

as for ur wig .. hor yue kan yue soon yan lor .. but u must really take care i think u too thin le .. must put on a bit weight then a bit chubby then cute..

叶咏梅 said...

haah? you see wrongly is it? the thin one is michelle leh. I SO FAT!!!!! kept noticing my tummy. i know most people wont notice that.

Jesline26 said...

nolah .. its u who is thin enough already haha we all recognise u lah
maybe u shld try eating less sweet food..annd do more exercise to flatten tummy
if no time for exercise then u got to use oto tummy massager liao
fiona daiyan one that one

another way of slimming down is to "exercise" more often with ur lover..

that method is read from book one dont noe true anot .. anyway u lucky got sponsor to sponsor ur body lah ..should be ok after a while...

recently im trying out a kind of thing call teng huang guo ..

will show u the result when i meet u the next time lah..

ur chicken now very pretty also hor always got different clothes to wear
good lah

Anonymous said...

Who is your bf? care to tell?