Saturday, November 19, 2005

Chiken with her new dress!

Isn't her lady like? now, no one will ask if she is a gong ji or mu ji. Was shopping for earrings yesterday and you know what? Found 3 sweaters for her! Very fitting and best of all suitable for christmas season. I always have to sacrifice teddy bear's costumes and hat for her. once i cut away a bear's head juz to have her christmas hat. hee hee. evil right?

yesterday met a few listeners who watched my puwei programme. below is their feedback

1) Hairstyle too wild, made my head look even BIGGER (well, can't me help, me DA TOU WA WA)

2) Speak too little (To me, even if i onli have a line , i will do my very best to bring that message across. juz like the role zhou xin chi played in xi ju tian wang . Chance dun come by everytime. Have to thank PSC and mediacorp TV and even my boss to give me a chance to appear on tv. And i believe everyone backstage has a role to play, even if it's a small role. last week during rehearsal, saw so many people trying to make the boxes work, trying to solve any impromptu problems. i really feel that tv production is pure teamwork. without anyone, the show can't go on. So, although i have a small part to play, i'll make sure i do it well, so as not to affect the show or the effort of all the backstage staff.

3) Eyes kept looking down.(Very good comment! i am too used to looking at the monitor, to look at what's on the tv now)

Do update me on any comments you have on my performance. cos i'm newcomer in tv industry.

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john said...

you always love to carry ur chicken with you where even u been!!! that quite "cool".
and most "cool" is that u love to do "deco" (make mai mei" to her!!!
it dun really like you!! hahaha
(that a my perceprion, no worry, haha)
nice bloy to read and ease my tire day =)

Rummi said...

Oh wat a beautiful dress... think it'll look even lovier on rummi;)