Tuesday, October 04, 2005

my mum is my greatest comfort.

wasn't feeling 2 ok these two days. very moody. partly cos by not able to have full 3 meals. haha! never believe in dieting. i love food especially desserts.

am following strictly on a "ant" diet for 5 days. hopefully can achieve "flatter tummy" within 5 days as the book promised. hee hee. hope it's not "fatter tummy".

mum called me juz now, worry that i'm getting too obsessed with losing weight and getting 2 stressful about tv job. Was quite touched that she called when i'm feeling down. Used to blame her for being too lorso, kept repeating the same old things. but this call really came at the right time. giving me a lot of encouragements and support.

She said dun let my look affect my performance cos that is more impt than my weight, my big face etc. well, i guess, am going to try to lose 5 more kgs and if i can't....juz have to accept the way i'm and give it my best shot.

thank u mama!


Beauty-conscious said...

I understand your sentiments, me actually bought slimmers choice (3 months supply). Breakfast took phyoto meal, lunch full meal and dinner sandwich top up with fruits when I am hungry. Likewise targeting to lose another 4 kgs before Christmas. Keep it up. I was actually advise to take meal replacement for breakfast and dinner. Really feel depressed and miserable,asking myself why am I going thru this? Dun mind if I can lose weight although it might take a longer period.
Cheers :)

Jesline26 said...

yah mummy maybe lao lao dao dao sometime but she meant good
no mum will want her daughter to get hurt

look forward to you on tv again

take care of ur health and relax when u can

recently got a sammi cheng movie and a bae yong june one and andy lau one three good movies ..
take some time off to go and watch lah

Loos said...

Was at some friend's baby full month celebration and heard that describling the pain they have during labour. That's motherly love... Mu Ai...