Monday, October 10, 2005

gotta thank my cohosts for their patience!! i'm really very tense when it comes to acting. i can't stand people acting cute. but when it comes to my turn to act, dao3 bo1 said, i'm not FANG4 enough. sigh....hopefully i will get better and better each time. thank u shucheng da4ge1 and the VERY helpful Michelle for showing me how to look sexy and flirt with camera. But i must say, they love my exaggerated gao3 xiao4 look. very wu2 jun1 ru2.'s for opening. if they edit those gao3 xiao4 cuts , it'll be played weekly for more than 10 times. .... Posted by Picasa


偉文 said...


還記得我嗎?你在華中的干弟弟。跟我聯絡好嗎?我弄丟了電話所以連你的號碼也不見了。SMS 我91057669 :)

Jesline26 said...

The pictures on the web doesnt look like yongmei at all o my god i tot is huang yingying from far but closer look you hen xiang the channel u annie poh last time
must really loook very very closely then believe is u.

DJ Kevin said...

you look like the Bo1 Ba4 Fu4 Ai4 Ni1 in this picture... hehehe