Sunday, September 11, 2005

Did so many things yesterday including...

visiting SIM. yup! our 3rd university!

went for their open house. Wana find out more about their courses. an advantage of SIM is that you dun need to have relevant field knowledge or diploma in order to study that particular degree.

so, as long as you have interest in that subject, you can always apply.

Getting a degree seems to be a trend. now that everyone has a degree, do you really need a degree to succeed in life or get into the industry that u like?

Not necessarily.

To me, interest is more important. without interest, it's very hard to study and work at the same time. Which is why a lot of my friends who hold a diploma has already got their degrees.

Never like accountancy or business. i am an arts person. was looking thru the brochures and am pretty sure i wanna take up psychology. i love english literature, but my language ability has dropped drastically over the years. i am not that confident in writing. anyway, i've juz applied. might need to go thru interview or written test if accepted. gotta start somewhere, instead of giving myself excuses that i'm not fully prepared for that. a lot of people with family got their degrees. i believe with perseverance, i should be able to make it in the end. juz have to sacrifice a lot of personal time.

tutorials and lectures attendance is not compulsory. so, even if you have a busy job, you can always juggle work and study. i guess, it's time management and discipline.

a lot of course available, you can always visit their website


Sharon Bernice Chua said...

my elder sister also study there, she study pre-school teaching and leadership course ther. is it really nice in there?, just curious because maybe i will follow my sis go there and study.

LArLiN said...

Hi, I'm a student from SIM... hmm actually, it should be the 4th Uni instead of the 3rd :)

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