Wednesday, September 07, 2005



从小到大,每当遇到挫折,难过的事时,我会倒头大睡,睡觉的时候肯定会将被子盖到肩膀部位。仿佛有人在拥抱我,给我安慰。就不会那么难过。那个时候总是觉得没人了解我,关心我。可能从那时开始,我就习惯跟玩具说话。我的bear bear的双手曾被我的泪水给弄湿了。小时候觉得那个目前在旧家的Bear bear比我父母更疼我,更愿意听我哭诉。



气得上气不接下气!突然觉得手脚气得发冷。。。饥肠辘辘。。。于是在钢琴课之前到FOOD COURT叫了一碗泡菜炒饭及热腾腾的酸辣汤。果然在暖胃的同时也温暖我几乎冰冻的心。







DJ Kevin said...

i have a pillow..
i use it when i was young..
i still have it..
its smelly but i cannot sleep without it.. hehhe

Elise said...

Hi Yongmei-jiejie,

On the part of your blog entry about the piano lessons you are taking, it really feels good to be able to fulfil your own childhood dream of playing the piano. I love the piano since young too, and I'm still learning to play it on my own. :P Cheers! =)

PS: Love to listen to your radio programmes. Always learnt something out of your programmes! :)

叶咏梅 said...

it's good that you r learning it on your own elise! u r playing fur elise? haha....

piano needs practice and more practice in order to master that. interest motivates you and keeps you going! jia you!

Elise said...

hehe. fur elise... love that piece of music :P

other than that, I'm learning how to play "tong hua" by guang liang... the few pieces i could play so far will be the easy version of "forbidden love" (the theme from "love 2000", the j-drama that was shown on channel 8 some years back... haha!), "C Major Prelude 1"from "The Well Tempered Clavier" by J.S. Bach and a little bit of the "pachelbel's canon"or rather "canon in D"

cheers! =)

叶咏梅 said...

wow! that's grade 3 and above leh. you are great, elise! me learning grade 1 version of "melody in F" by anton rubinstein. a very nice piece.

since young i've been listening to classical piano pieces without knowing their titles.You need lots of patience and passion to learn an instrument.

Elise said...

"Moonlight Sonata" by Beethoven... this piece is really really nice too! But then, it is quite difficult to play on the piano... have got to learn with patience. =)