Sunday, August 14, 2005

MLM or direct marketing...

Really hate these people. some of them really all out to cheat you $, hardearned $. of course some of them actually make good $ out of it.

MLM is multi level marketing, similar to Pyramid selling. you pay an amt , start recruiting "friends" to join in, the more you recruit, the higher level you go and more $ you get. sometimes, you dun have to sell a thing, all you need is juz get more pp in. A friend of mine told me he foot $500 to join this resort shared properties (4got the exact name) . He joined becos his friends encourage him to. He said he has to keep paying the organisation few hundreds every mth till finished paying the full amt. You get to stay in the resorts in various countries free when you sign up.

I asked him, how often does he go overseas? where on earth are these resorts located, faraway from city? why signed up just becos your so called friend asked you to. Now he regrets his decision and duno wat to do. i think it's got something to do with 分时度假村MLM case which CASE received lots of complaints recently. Why are there so many people falling in their trap?? most importantly what can be done to resolve the matter?

Anybody got similar experience?



Jesline26 said...

cham le ur friend must have joined the ... l"" group who sponsored food fest before ..then ask them to join and then bring in another friend must be a couple one then keep on paying in the end didnt reach that country right?
I have a secondary classmate who paid thousands after being informed that he won a resort and cash in a particular country and went to that country to claim the cash in the end never came back to singapore two three years le still missing dun no still alive anot
sad ah..

anyway as for mlm .. i think we must learn from the tragedy that jianbin "da ge" suffered through lor just dont join blindly..

Loos said...

Few colleagues of mine is in "it". One of them slog harder for it than for our compnay. Going to bed as last as 2,3 am. I really think it's not worth.
Anyway, my coll knew that they can't make any money out from me so they didn't bother to do so.
But find these MLM thing really irritating.

Seraphim said...

mlm can be irritating when ur so call frens start to irritate u
so far none dare to irritate me with that
so far one product i try becos my mum bought. not too bad.
just that i too lazy to eat everyday
another product i dun believe is He...l l..e
went to listen bcos entertain a fren
not much info on product but keep havin ppl says it works
of cos work lah. skip a meal n just drink milk also will work.

as for the so call tour thing
my sis kena con in
now still paying cannot even stop

Beauty-conscious said...

MLM is either you believe in it or hate it. There are people who I have seen who really make a career out of it but not for me. I am a good shopper but not sales person. Dont quite agree when Beauty products are going into MLM cos u need people who can carry the image of the product. Feel that Beauty co which have MLM shld screen before they recruit these people, if not will spoil the image. Well when approach by these people, usually I will outtalk them cos I personally feel that (my friends also agree) my knowledge for skin care is quite good.All products are good, its whether it suit you and also whether you have actually choose the right range and finally right usuage. Skin changes so we cant be using the same range, we have to be flexible in incorporating our products.

叶咏梅 said...

Did a call in programme with ahong yesterday on timeshare resort. and...true enough a lot of people got cheated. one paid 10k without even enjoying the benefits, cos there are lots of additional costs involved and those resorts are situated away from city areas. whatsmore they will give you free air tix only if you invest more. stupid right? might as well pay yourself. another intend to quit paying and they threatened they will send lawyer letter to her. she ignored the letter and soon, no more letters.

If you are approached by timeshare people, dun sign anything, leave immediately. and if you have already started paying and intend to opt out. you can approach cASE (pay a annual fee of $40) and they can help you claim back the amount. (might take long time) Dun be afraid of "lawyer letters", let's see who has more $ and time to waste.

One listener signed becos she got so bored of the presentation, intend to leave but they kept her in the room and tried persuading her over and over again. she signed juz to get over it.

And DO NOT invest in Timeshare thinking you can sell it away in the near future. And....dun not buy becos he/she is your friend and you feel like supporting him. You've got to pay a lot to support him!

Good luck.

DJ Kevin said...

i once went up the Orchard Road office. I just told them.. i am unemployed and they said.. thank you and Bye Bye..

Loos said...

that's a good one! hahaha...

Seraphim said...