Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A terrible thing happen today...

I was hosting the lunch time show with ahong and suddenly my vision went blur. it was pretty bad. i was going thru the news and ....some words i have to blink hard to see exactly what it is.

Scary....i have such experience since young when i skipped a meal, i'll get dizzy and have to rest for half an hour before it gets better. and today it happened again but i didn't skip any meals.

luckily for me, vision came back 20 mins later.

i was think the worst when it comes to my health. I used to suspect i've breast cancer, diabetics...and today i seriously suspect i have brain tumor.

there i go again.... hee hee


DJ Kevin said...

no la..
i have that too..

its called.. Lao3 Hua1 Yan3

meikian said...

take care arhh...